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Hotaru_2's PQ Angels Page

This is a story about two girls named P-ko and Q-ko who come from another world,called "Fuiren," which is also read "gokiburi"(cockroach).They go around as cockroaches by kissing their wristbands and transform back into people by landing on someone's mouth.When they fight,they have special guns that shoot out food.The bad guy is JoChuGiku-sama.P-ko and Q-ko seems to like the two main male characters,Ouji and Ouga Hagemashi.PQ Angels started in September 1997,in a girls-monthly comic,Nakayoshi.Its less serious compared to Sailormoon,but very cute.

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PQ Angel's Character Index page: Info.on P-ko,Q-ko,and the rest of the gang!
Manga Translation by Alex Glover:

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