Soldier of Eternity,Time and Revolution

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Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meiou

Sailor Pluto is one of the outer Senshi,and the sixth senshi to be found.She is around the age of 18 or 20.But some say she is immortal.Her name means troubled dark ruler,and she posesses the power to travel through the gates of time with her trusty garnet orb.Her birthday is October 29,and her sign is Scorpio.Her favorite food is eggplant.She doesn't go to school anymore,but her favorite subject is physics,and sewing,and her least favorite subject is music.Her dream is to become a world famous fashion designer,and her favorite color is dark red.The inner scouts are afraid by her because they don't know enough about her. Along with being known as the soldier of eternity,she is also known as the Guardian of time.Not much is known about her though, because during the series,she appeared rarely.She is taller than the other senshi,and also has a darker skin tone.Pluto has long,dark green hair,though I heard in some episodes,her hair is indigo.Pluto's main She has a close relationship to Chibiusa, because she was the luna ball in the English series,and the Japanese.Chibiusa calls her Puu.Some say that she has a crush on Prince Endymion,but she would commit suicide if anyone told him.She first appeared in the middle of Sailormoon R,but in the first episode,if you look at the part where everybody was floating away in those pink bubbles,you can see Sailor Pluto in the corner.


Dead Scream(Middle of SMR.It's like Uranus's,except it's a pink blast of energy,and it kills almost all evil within the premesis,and she also uses the power of her garnet orb on her key staff.)

Dark Dome Close (The forbidden attack that can destroy the earth and close the gates of time.)her she is opening the Gates of Time:


Pluto Planet Power,Make Up!

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