Margaret Dylan Jones

Computer Typesetting of Music

Margaret Dylan Jones

MusB (WA, with Roger Smalley), DipEd, LTCL, ATCL, AMusTCL, AMusA

Registered Member (as copyist, computer copyist and arranger) of
The Music Arrangers Guild of Australia (MAGA) from 1982 to 1997.

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Around 1980 I began casual work copying music by hand. Since the late 80s I have been using several computer notation packages, namely Music Publisher, Finale v.2.6.3, 3.0.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.7.2, Finale 98, 2000, 2001a, and Sibelius 7 v.3. I have spent literally thousands of hours using these programmes.

Currently I specialise in Finale. Files can be saved to a floppy disc formatted for IBM or Mac, and can be used by both the Windows and Macintosh versions of Finale.

Music, text and graphics are printed at resolutions to 600 by 600 dpi on my laser printer. Multiple copies are made on a very versatile in-house photocopier. Scores can be assembled in-house using either wire binding (as is used in the booklet---see below), or saddle stitching (stapled in the middle with a long-arm stapler).

For examples and more details send AUS$10 for my wire-bound booklet "Music Typesetting Samples". (Overseas: AUS$20).

If you would like to talk about getting some music typeset, please phone me on 08 9381 2308 or send me an email at

Some scores and parts I've copied by computer or by hand

Roger Smalley Concerto for Contrabassoon, Double String Orchestra, Percussion and Harp (IV and V)
Roger Smalley The Southland (III), (an Australian Bicentennial commission)
Roger Smalley Strung Out (for thirteen strings)
Andrew Schultz Septet (The Seymour Group)
Kevin Fenner Pipedream (opera) (excerpts and rehearsal score arrangement)
Mike Parry / Classical Concerts Misa Flamenca (Perth Oratorio Choir)
Monica & The Moochers (Festival of Perth)
Hovea Music Press (my publishing name) (piano, ww, strings, voice, choir, harp)
Perth Discovery Choir (Vivaldi, Bruckner, Dowland, Mozart etc)
My own compositions (percussion, brass, orchestra, choir, piano, string quartet etc)
Classroom materials
Music Workshop materials

I've done most of the typesetting for Hovea Music Press, and there are many examples of my typeseting at the HMP web site.

Types of musical products

Orchestral Full Scores. Orchestral Parts. Choral Scores. Vocal Scores.
Elastic Scores. Reduced Scores. Condensed Scores. Piano Music.
Educational Scores. Band Scores. Band Parts. Arrangements.
Music Theory Books. Music Tutor Books. Piano Reductions.

Payment of charges

Start-up deposit: AUS$50 or 20% of estimate, whichever is the greater, up to a maximum of $1,000.
Minimum overall charge: $150.
Please note: some large projects may require interim payments.

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