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The Clans

The Camarilla

Brujah: These vampires are commonly rebels and punks, and dress accordingly (much like the vampires seen in "The Lost Boys" movie. A smaller class of Brujah are intellectual individualists, who are at odds with society.

Malkavian: All other Clans believe this vampire clan to be insane, but in this, the Malkavians possess a unique wisdom.

Nosferatu: Hideous in appearance, this Clan lives apart from other Kindred, but hold secrets of many of the preternatural inhabitants of the city (they resemble vampires as seen in "Salem's Lot" and "Nosferatu").

Toreador: The Toreador see themselves as artists. They are a proud and regal Clan, often highly excitable, with expensive tastes and dressing in the latest fashions. Lestat is of course a Toreador..

Tremere: These vampires are warlocks who have risen from an ancient magic. They are tightly-knit, and keep their powers closely guarded..

Ventrue: Regarded by many as the leaders of the Camarilla, the Ventrue consuder themselves nobility, are old-fashioned and tradition bound, and believe in good taste above all else.

Solitary Clans

Assamites: The Crusaders brought back many tales from the Holy Land, some of which concerned a band of fanatical killers. The word the Europeans coined for these silent murders was assassin. The Cainites, however, already knew of a similar but far more dangerous threat from Araby - the diabolist of Clan Assamite.

Followers of Set: There are few vampires who would willingly grant hospitality to a Follower of Set, and for good reason. The Settites, as they call themselves, are servants of darkness and corruption incarnate. The clan's ultimate goal is to corrode the ethics away from humanity and Cainites alike, creating a surfeit of slaves for themselves and thier dark master.

Gangrel: These Kindred are able to shape-change into animal forms, such as a wolf or bat. Many are rustic in appearance and prefer a life of solitude. Until recently the Gangrel were members of the Camarilla

Giovanni: No other clan is more intent on maintaining a front of respectability than the Giovanni, and none is more repulsive at heart. Giovanni vampires are rich merchants, speculators, and investors who spend most of their nights manipulating their vast assets from skyscraper offices. They spend the rest of their nights in crypts and mausoleums carrying out their dark and morbid rites.

Barduccio Giovanni

Ravnos: Tramps and thieves, the Ravnos are scattered throughout Europe like chaff on the wind. Every country host a few, but where they can be found varies from night to night and whim to whim. Many travel with bands of roving tinkers or other undesirables. It is rare from more than one or two to be found in the same place at the same time, for they are solitary Cainites and prefer audiencs and marks to company. Due to some sort of madness ALL Ravnos try to kill one another on sight. They are very few in number.

Salubri: This widely hated bloodline has far more enemies than it truly deserves. Only seven of these Cainites exist at a time, for after a salubri attains Golconda, she ends her existence and passes her blood to the individual she has choosen to take her place. Almost none survive for more than a few hundred years, for the Salubri consider vampiric exictence to be agony. These vampires can usually pass as humans until someone notices that they possess a third eye.

Daughters of Cacophony: The Dauhters are a distinctly modern phenomena despite their classical name. No Kindred claims to have heard of them befroe the 1700s, and if they had existed, vampires feel sure they would have known. The Daughters are such masters of song that most Kindred belive they are an offshoot of the Toreador, though those who have experienced thier powers firsthand think that the Malkavians had more influence.

Samedi: The Samedi bloodline may be an offshoot of the Nosferatu, or possibly a branch of the Giovanni. Neither clan will take credit ( or the blame? ) for these Kindred. The Samedi bloodline has only been around for a few hundred years. The line appeared in Italy and the Carribean. Only a few of these Kindred have come to the United States.

Cappadocians: Known among Cainites for millennia as the " Clan of Death " the Cappadocians are shunned even by their brethern for there macabre interest. Cappadocius himself was an iconoclastic preist in life, and continued his search for the secrets of life, death and what lay beyond after his Becoming. His childer have continued his research, and through their efforts Cainites have learned much about the nature of their existence. Still, the secretive nature of the clan has caused many people to fear them as respect them. The Cappadocians perished in the late Middle Ages.

The Sabbat

Lasombra: Elegant but preadatory, the Lasombra honestly think of themselves as the apex of Cainite existence. Firm belivers in Divine Right, and the rule of the superior, they have little patience, though often much pity, for those Cainites who are ( throught no fault of their own ) inferior.

Tzimisce: From time immemorial the Tzimisce have haunted Europe beyonde the Elbe. Along the Oder and Danube, through the Pripet Marshes, amid the Carpathian crags stalk the Fiends, each claiming its lair and wreaking a terrible vengeance on intruders. The Tzimisce cruelity is infamous even among vampires.

The Antitribu: These are members of The Sabbat from Clans of the Camarilla (and some independents). They basically the same except that they are aligned with the Sabbat. The exception is the Tremere Antitribu as they were all destroyed by the Salubri Antitribu. There is also a bloodline known as the Serpents of the Light. They are the Setite Antitribu.


Clan descriptions from WW 2002 and ww 2800

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