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elcome to Earth Works, a page dedicated to creating a campaign world with the help of those who use the web and play in a fantasy based role playing game. All you need to do to get a complete copy of Valtara and every revision after, is create a small part of it. An example of this project, can be seen on the site Elocks Tower, whose creator designed and pioneered the idea. If you would like to tap into one of the greatest creations in development for RPGs on the web today, read on.


magine for a moment, that you are faced with one of the most daunting tasks ever undertaken by a game master for any role playing game. You have to single-handedly create an entire world, populated with denizens of multiple races, professions, and alignments. On top of that they have to live in a world that caters to every terrain type from ice-covered tundras to sun-scorched deserts. Now, to add to the complexity, you have to find a way to work in obscure plot lines and events to make sure the players explore your creation and all its secrets. Finally, to top it all off, you have to create this world with the overall illusion that everything that is happening around the players is a result of the randomness of life.

Unfortunately for most, a lot of GMs out there just don't have the time to even begin to tread upon the path to world building. If you are one of those people, then you may be interested in Valtara.


arth Works is dedicated to creating a fantasy based campaign world, using the input of the on-line community. In other words, the entire world is built by those who submit their ideas. It only takes small amount of time and a little imagination to create just one region for Valtara, and the rewards are greater than building a campaign world of your own from scratch.


imple. You send us a region created with the required specifics, and we send you the entire world of Valtara and every revision of that world that follows, forever! Easy Enough? If you're ready to begin writing up your region, just skip ahead to the next section. Not Convinced? What more could you ask for? You give us a small contribution, and we give you an entire world. Think about the time saved alone. Not to mention the fact that you get every single revision of Valtara until time ends. That means even if you didn't contribute to the most current version, you can still receive the enitre world without charge. Still Not Convinced? Take a look at some of the things people are saying about the world currently being built. Click Here.


ach region that makes up the world of Valtara has to have certain required elements in order to be added to the whole. Any additional information is always welcome, and most often encouraged. Here is the list of specifics that need to be included with any region submitted.

(Note: For one reason or another, when you attempt to highlight text on this page, the highlight does not show up. I am attempting to identify the cause of this problem, but until I find it, there is a link to a text file that contains all the requirements for submitting a region. This link can be found in the main menu for Valtara. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

  • Personal Information - In the event you decide to submit your region on-line, be sure to include your name (optional) and your e-mail address so you can be contacted for updates.
  • Name of Region - Please consider naming your region in a fashion that would individualize it. Sites named "The Badlands" or "Dark Wood" offer very little in the way of unique placement. We ask this so your addition will be independent and not a clone.
  • Type of Terrain - There are no limits here. Consider everything from cloud cities to an underwater cavern.
  • Climate - Weather patterns are just as important as people. They let us know where in general your region should be placed in the world. You are not likely to find a tropical island in an arctic ocean, or a city with constant rain storms in a wasteland.
  • Population - In the event that your region has inhabitants, you should list the number.
  • Race of Population - If your region has a population, it should be known what races inhabit it. Please list all races that populate your region and include descriptions of those who are not demi-human.
  • Alignment - Certain areas of the world are going to be known as "dark lands" or "havens", that people generally have an impression of before entering. This may be because of the inhabitants, terrain, or some other factor, but in any case, it is necessary to include a general alignment.
  • Size - The space available in the world of Valtara is unlimited. Please feel free to make your region anywhere from the size of a continent to a small island. Be warned, if you decided to write a large region, be prepared to describe it fully.
  • Description - This is where you get all the creative license you want. Anything and everything is acceptable. List every detail and abstract component you care to. Let your imagination go wild. Take this down all the way down to the senses one experiences when in your region. How the sky looks at sunset, how the air smells at midday, what the ground feels like when you walk on it, and any other pieces you can think to include. Go as in depth as you care to and don't feel restricted by anything.
If after reading through all the information above, you think you are ready to contribute a region to the world of Valtara, go to the main menu and click on "Create Region" or Click Here to begin.