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I am a 37 year old female that has been married for 16 yrs. We have one child, who is 8 years old. Our son is hearing impaired. The only difference between him and other kids is that he can't hear. He shows love.. compassion.. and every other feeling that others show.. and at times perhaps more than others.. He attends an excellent school in western Pennsylvania. His means of communication is sign language. We are learning to sign as well.. it's coming slowly, but it's coming. We also discovered the end of April 1999 that he has diabetes. So we are learning about that as well. Everyone just remember that God don't give you more than He thinks you are capable of handling. *S*.
I am a part-time cashier in a grocery store and a full time mom. I used to work in the pantry of a casino in Nevada.
I love learning new things about my , music, singing, reading, and making friends.
Anyone out here that wants to keep in touch don't hesitate to contact me, either at my e-mail address, through my tripod answering machine,through my ICQ message panel, or through my guestbook.
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Though I am deaf, I plainly see
When a face in anger shouts at me
Though true it is I do not hear
All notes of kindness to me are clear

I have the sense of open eyes
Few friends or foes can be surprised
I know them fairly thorough and through
Not by what they say but what they do

Unknown Author

You will find more poems at:The Poetry Stop.

hopefully, more poems, more pictures, and who knows what else. *S*

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