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The bright blue sports car with two white stripes screeched to a halt surrounded by four orange cones. The door sprang open and my teammate sprinted across the autocross course and tagged my hand. Now I am "IT".

I ran to the Viper GTS, slid behind the steering wheel, closed the door, stepped on the clutch, and fastened my seatbelt, while the instructor, sitting next to me, put the shifter into first gear and released the hand brake. Stepping on the gas and letting out the clutch, the GTS shot between the front two pylons.

Cranking the wheel to the left while shifting into second gear, the car headed to the outside of the second turn. I braked while turning right and straightened out the wheel cutting across the road coming out of the turn. We headed for the quick lane change. A line of cones went by on the right. Swing to the right and straighten the wheel; another line of cones went by on the left.

Hugging the inside of turn three, we accelerated through the four cones forming the starting box. We continued for three more laps before screeching to a halt in the starting box. I stepped on the clutch pedal, unbuckled my seatbelt and open my door while the instructor pulled up the hand brake and shifted into neutral. I slid from behind the wheel and ran across the pavement tagging my next teammate.

To experience the thrill, look at the Skip Barber website.

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