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You've read about Iron Mouse, seen how she looks, and what she's done.  Now hear what she sounds like! ^_^ The following will eventually be all (yes, all o_o) of the lines she's said, plus some clips of Hana Eriko's other roles.  Please note that not all computers may be able to listen to these.  If it can handle mpeg compression, you shouldn't have a problem.

Episode 173

Clip 1 
Attracting such a huge crowd... she has the good charm of a star.
Clip 2
Nezu: How wonderful your smile is...!
Alice: Who are you?
Nezu: Your brightness makes others cheerful all at once.  Proof of a star!
Alice: Thank you!
Nezu: I came to see you for a special errand.
Alice: If you want a signature, sorry, I'm on business now...
Nezu: What I want is not a signature... but a seed of a star which belongs to you... a starseed!
Clip 3
Clip 4
Iron Mouse: Don't be afraid!
Usagi: What's that?
Iron Mouse: Your starseed...  Give it to me!
Clip 5
Iron Mouse: Wow!  A beautiful starseed!  Hmm?  It's gone already...  I don't want such a weak starseed!
Sailor Moon: Stop right there!
Iron Mouse: Huh?
Clip 6
Iron Mouse: Oh, goodness!  You're a Sailor Senshi, too?
Sailor Moon: [gasps]
Iron Mouse: Well... with such a face, you can't be a star like me!
Sailor Moon: Who are you?
Iron Mouse: I am Sailor Iron Mouse!
Sailor Moon: Sailor...?
Luna: ...Iron Mouse?
Iron Mouse: I've finished today's business.  Do you want to play with the phage?
Sailor Moon: Phage?!
Clip 7
Everyone who loses the brightness of their starseed becomes a phage!  [telephone booth appears]  Have fun!  Bye!

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