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Welcome to....


Issa's World!

Colors, colors everywhere!

(  Has anybody been keeping track?)

OK, so I know this page gets a lot of overhauls.  You can handle it!  But if it doesn't look done, don't fret.  Webpage-making is time-consuming and often frustrating, and since when does a college student have surplus time OR patience?

Well, here's a couple of things to keep you busy while I keep working on this site.  No, seriously, check them out!  I might be famous someday, and then you could say you almost knew me when.  So, yeah, the links.

All about me: A scarily in-depth look at the girl behind....well, herself!  Keep that famous thing in mind before you start passing judgements or anything.

Issa's Poetry Corner has moved to this humble you will find my so-called poetry, your poetry (which may be so-called, but I wouldn't know), and my favorite links.

For that corps nut in you, a collection of rememberies, pictures, and links all pertaining to the activity that has been one of my favorite pastimes for the last five years or so.

Issa's Photo Album, full of pictures of family and friends....all the people who make my life meaningful and worthwhile!

Interesting stuff in general to chase away the boredom blues!




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