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JPC Mission & Evangelism Irian Jaya


Irian Jaya was one of the largest island in Indonesia. The nature of Irian consist of mountains and beaches, which is hard to get accross because lack of transportation. the native of Irian Jaya is very depending on mother nature, and having strong traditions. These two are accounts for the reason why the native of Irian Jaya is so poor and lagging behind.

We from Jakarta Praise Center Youth Ministry, feel the need to do something for the people of Irian Jaya, especially in educations, because we feel that with a good education we believe that we can change the way the people of Irian thinking for their own good in the future.

For Irian Jaya Jakarta Praise Center work together with our partner in Irian Jaya, bye the name of " Yayasan Pelayanan Desa Terpadu "( PESAT ) in Nabire, Irian Jaya. PESAT is a foundation where their vision is education oriented for people of Irian Jaya, for they not just teaching math, languange, science, but the most important of all they teaches the Word of God. In Irian Jaya PESAT using the method of boarding school, because that is the only way, so that the children can be ensure that the receive good and nutrious foods, sleep enough, and have them focus their mind to study.

The age range of the children that lived in the dormitory, are 4 - 5 years old and between 6 - 7 for grade school, the children came from everywhere around Nabire from mountains to the beaches. The main reason why these children have to lived in dormitory at such young age, is because the society is still lagging behind, so these kids had to be trained not to think like their society. It is easier for the kids to adapts to a new life rather than an adult, because for an adult to be changed is very hard to do, but young people like these kids can be mold, shape to be better, so the people of Irian Jaya will not lagging behind again in for the future.

The other reasons for these children to live in dormitory, as you know earlier, is that the teacher from PESAT can ensure the children nutrious food. The people of Irian still lived a simple live, so sometimes it is easy to overlook what they are eating. The parents also treat their children harshly, because of the parents do not believe in education, the parents would prefer the children to work with them in the farm rather than sent the children to school. Because of the parents attitude, so for generations they all have believedi that education is not important. These are the reasons why PESAT wanted to changed in Irian Jaya, PESAT want to raise the living standard in Irian Jaya.

We from Jakarta Praise Center Youth Ministry is working closely with Daniel Alexander, whereas Mr Alexander is the representative of PESAT in Nabire Irian Jaya. Mr Alexander and wife, moved to Irian Jaya in 1993, because God wanted Mr Alexander and wife to help the natives of Irian Jaya especially in Nabire. In year 1995 Mr Alexander joined PESAT in building school and boarding house in Nabire, since then until now their school have grown increadbly well.

Nowdays the PESAT in Nabire are in needed to build the boarding house for the children. Right now PESAT had already purchased a land at 2500 meter square for building their boarding house. For the land at 2500 meter squares it will be build :

- 10 bedrooms

- 1 big kitchen

- 4 bathroom

- 5 bedroom for teachers

- 5 bedroom for kindergarden teachers

- 5 Classroom

- Farming area

- Place for play and sports

The money needed to build these boarding house is Rp 350,000,000.00 or around

$ 100,000.00. This number is quite high, so we need a lot of support from everywhere to help us going with our project.

We at Jakarta Praise Center Youth Ministry is very gratefull for your helping hand to help Irian Jaya, our job is to ensure that your donations get to the hands that are in need in Nabire.


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