Guess what they dance in Colombia...LA CUMBIA!!
Give me la cumbia!

Cumbia - for desire and passion
Cumbia - for the way that she moves
Cumbia - for a piece of the action
Cumbia - for the heat of the moment
Cumbia - for the pain in your heart
Cumbia - for the fatal attraction

Cumbia! La Cumbia! ˇAy!

Cumbia - For your pain and depression
Cumbia - for the heartaches of love
Cumbia - gives that moonlight and passion
Cumbia - will take the beat of your heart
Cumbia - from the moment you start
Cumbia - brings the secret obsession

Cumbia! ˇAy! La Cumbia!

Cumbia - beat of your heart
ˇAy! La Cumbia! Hey! (2x)

ˇViva La Cumbia!
Cumbia! La Cumbia!

Words and music by Georg Kajanus (P)1990 K-Works Music Ltd. All rights reserved.