"Legacy - Greatest & Latest" (1996)
Produced by Phil Pickett and Henry Marsh.
CMC CD6003-2

  1. A Glass Of Champagne
  2. Girls Girls Girls
  3. Karma Chameleon
  4. One Drink Too Many
  5. Traffic Jam
  6. Catwalk Girls
  7. The Secretary
  8. Stay The Night
  9. Latin Eyes
  10. Hat Check Girl
  11. Stiletto Heels
  12. Istanbul 6.25 (instrumental)
  13. La Cumbia
  14. Stranger In Paris
  15. Copacabana
  16. Nickelodeon Nights

PHIL PICKETT: Bass nickelodeon, bass, vocals (Lead vocal on "Stranger In Paris")
HENRY MARSH: Nickelodeon, piano, accordion, computer programming, vocals (Lead vocal on "Stay The Night")
GRANT SERPELL: Drums, percussion, vocals
and introducing PETER LINCOLN: 12-string guitar, keyboards, charango, and lead vocals.