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Full Name: Jonathan Gregory Brandis
Birthdate: April 13, 1976
Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Danbury, Connecticut
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Used to be dark blond, now darker brown
Height: 6 feet tall
Current Residence: Los Feliz, California
Parents: Mary & John
Siblings: None

Jonathan Gregory Brandis was born on April 13, 1976 in Danbury,
Connecticut to proud parents Mary and Greg. Jon began acting at 
the age of 2. His first commercial was for Fisher Price Toys. 
Around that same time he also worked for Buster Brown Shoes. 
(Can’t you just see that cute little guy on those posters?) 
When he was 9 years old his parents decided to move to 
California where Jon would be closer to the acting scene.  
He has been many movies both on the big screen and on TV, 
as well appeared in various syndicated TV shows.

These 2 are the most complete lists I could find:
Thanks to  for this list:

Year That Trembled, The (2002) .... Casey Pedersen 
Hart's War (2002) .... Pvt. Lewis P. Wakely 
Fate Totally Worse Than Death, A (2000) .... Drew 
Ride with the Devil (1999/I) .... Cave Wyatt 
Outside Providence (1999) .... Mousy 
Two Came Back (1997) (TV) .... Jason 
Born Free: A New Adventure (1996) (TV) .... Randal Everett Thompson 
Fall Into Darkness (1996) (TV) .... Chad 
Her Last Chance (1996) (TV) .... Preston 
Good King Wenceslas (1994) (TV) .... Prince Wenceslas 
"Disney's Aladdin" (1993/I) TV Series (voice) .... Mozenrath 
SeaQuest DSV (1993) (TV) .... Lucas Wolenczak 
"SeaQuest DSV" (1993) TV Series .... Lucas Wolenczek (1993-1996) 
"SeaQuest 2032" (1995) (USA: new title) 
Sidekicks (1992) .... Barry Gabrewski 
Ladybugs (1992) .... Matthew/Martha 
Our Shining Moment (1991) (TV) .... Michael 'Scooter' McGuire 
It (1990) (TV) .... William 'Stuttering Bill' Denbrough (12) 
NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter, The (1990) .... Bastian 
Ghost Dad (1990) (voice) .... Additional Voices 
Stepfather II (1989) .... Todd Grayland 
Wrong Guys, The (1988) .... Kid Tim 
Oliver & Company (1988) (uncredited) .... Additional Voices 
Fatal Attraction (1987) .... Party Guest 
Mystery Magical Special (1986) (TV) .... Jonathan 

Thanks to True Obsession To Brandis (TO2B)for this list:

The year that trembled as Casey Pederson 2002 
Hart´s War as Waverly 2002 
A fate totally worse than death as Drew 2000 
Ride with the devil as Cave Wyatt 1999 
Outside Providence as Mousy 1999 
Two came back (TV) as Jason 1997 
Born Free: A new adventure (TV) as Randal Everett Thompson 1996 
Fall into Darkness (TV) as Chad 1996 
Her last chance (TV) as Preston 1996 
Good King Wenceslas (TV) as Prince Wenceslas 1994 
Sidekicks as Barry Gabrewski 1992 
Ladybugs as Matthew-Martha 1992 
Our shining moment (TV) as Michael ´scooter´ McGuire 1991 
IT (TV) as Bill Denbrough 1990 
The NeverEnding Story II: The next chapter as Bastian 1990 
Stepfather II: Make room for daddy as Todd Grayland 1989 
Poor little rich girl as ? 198? 
The wrong guys as Kid Tim 1988 

seaQuest DSV as Lucas Wolenczak 1993/1994 
seaQuest DSV aka 2032 as Lucas Wolenczak 1995 
Mars: Base one as ? in Pilot episode ? 
Home free as ? in Pilot episode ? 
When mom and dad are away as ? in Pilot episode ? 
The Book as ? in Pilot episode ? 

Saved by the Bell; The College Years as himself 
1993 ep. 1.10 ´A Thanksgiving Story´ 
Blossom as Steve 1991 ep. 2.6 ´To Tell The Truth´ 
Alien Nation as Andron 1990 ep. 1.20 ´The Touch´ 
The Flash as Terry Cohen 1990 ep. 1.6 ´Child´s Play´ 
Gabriel´s Fire as ? 1990 ? 
The wonder years as Steve 1988 ep. 4.19 ´The Yearbook´ 
The wonder years as Yearbook writer 1988 ep. 4.19 ´The Yearbook´ 
Full House as Michael 1987 ep. 2.11 ´A Littler Romance´ 
L.A. Law as Kevin Talbot 1986 ep. 2.2 ´The Wizard Of Odds´ 
Sledge Hammer! as young Sledge 1986 ep. 1.4 ´They Soot..´ 
L.A. Law as Kevin Talbot 1986 ep. 2.3 ´Cannon Of Ehics´ 
Murder she wrote as Kevin Bryce 1984 ep. 6.13 ´If The Shoe Fits´ 
Who´s the boss as Paul 1984 ep. 5.11 ´Your Grandmother..´ 
Aladdin (TV Series) as the voice of Mozenrath 1993  
Ghost Dad additional voices 1993  
Oliver & Company additional voices (uncredited) 1988  

Short Time adr artist 1990  
seaQuest DSV writer 1993 ´The siamese dream´ 
Between The Sheets Independant? 1998  

Mystery Magical Special (TV) as himself 1986  
Fatal Attraction as Party guest 

Fans should keep an eye out for Jon. 
You never know when he may pop up in a new movie.
I know I had no idea how many projects he'd worked 
on since SeaQuest. I saw a couple of the TV movies,
but I had no idea what he was up to. I finally realized
that I was forgetting to look him up on my most valuable
resource...the Internet. 

Jon if you come across this page, just know that your 
fans are stil out there and we love you!

Fans can contact Jon through this address: 
(Thanks True Obsession To Brandis for this info)

Write to: 
Jonathan Brandis 
151 El Camino Drive 
Beverly Hills CA 90212 

My Jon Memories

I remember falling for Jon the 1st time I saw his big blue
eyes and that cute little face of his. I went to see Ladybugs 
with my best friend. We were 14 and I thought he was just he 
most beautiful boy I had ever seen. I remember eagerly awaiting
cable to play Sidekicks because I had missed it in the theaters.
(I taped both Ladybugs and Sidekicks when they came on HBO)
I instantly became addicted to SeaQuest when it came on the air 
and taped almost every episode...which I still have by the way.
I taped Born Free and Good King Wenceslas, and also have his 
small appearance on Blossom and Saved By The Bell. I had fallen 
hard for this blue eyed hunk. I even went as far as to go and 
by every teen magazine I could get my hands on and wallpapered 
my room with Jonathan pinups.(Jon broke the record for most 
covers on Bop Magazine...a title previously held by the New Kids 
On The Block.)

My journey as a fan went to a very strange place in January of 
1995. A friend who was supposed to take me to the prom backed 
out on me 1 week before the 1st Prom payment was due. I didn't 
know what to do. I spent a lot of time in my room looking at my 
walls...seeing Jon smiling back at me. I had a crazy idea that 
I knew never in a million years would work but I had to try.
I took a chance and wrote to Jonathan.  I told him what had 
happened and asked if it was at all possible for him to be my 
Prom date. I never expected a response, but I just had to send 
it anyway. What I didn't know was that my Mom...bless her heart
had had the same idea.  She wrote to Jonathan and asked him if 
it would be possible to take me to the Prom.  

See my Mom played a card that I don't like to use. I have had 
2 heart transplants and yes my life has been pretty screwed up.  
I don't like to use that fact to try to make someone feel 
sorry for me. My mom mentioned it to make a point because at 
that point Jon had to be getting 1000's of letters a day and 
for his mom (who took care of screening fan mail at the time)
to notice something and make her go back and read it, it would 
take something like that to catch her attention.

Apparently it worked. On March 25 around 4:00 pm I was upstairs 
when the phone rang. I answered and there was a man on the phone 
who asked for my mom. I thought nothing of this and after she picked 
up I went downstairs. I saw the look on her face and asked her what 
was wrong. That's when she told me that it was JONATHAN'S FATHER.
I nearly fainted right on the spot. 

Greg told my mom that Mary had read her letter. 
I was standing there still in shock. Jon was not at home 
because he was filming a pilot for a show at the time. 
I wish to God Greg had waited for him to be home so 
I could have spoken to HIM...although I dunno if I could 
have survived THAT without fainting. Greg said that although 
Jon would have liked to be able to take me to the Prom because 
of security reasons he couldn't.  Greg was going to have Jon 
sign a bunch of stuff for me it as soon as he got back. I was 
about to go on vacation to Orlando with my dad as my graduation 
gift in less than a week. I'd be going to Universal Studious,
home of SeaQuest.  Unfortunately Greg had picked up Jon in 
Orlando and brought him back to California already. SeaQuest 
had wrapped for the season. I missed another chance to meet 

My Mom told Greg that the next time they were in Connecticut 
visiting relatives they should stop by for a real Italian meal. 
I know that Italian was one of Jon's faves back then. Greg knew 
the Bronx pretty well and knew where we lived, although to this 
day we have not gotten a visit (Hint, hint Jon if you are reading 
this the offer still stands) At least my Mom made him laugh. 
My package arrived on April 1st and I remember nearly blowing 
my best friend's eardrums out, screaming at the top of my lungs. 
I opened the envelope and inside was the Jonathan 1995 
calendar, autographed. There were also 2 promotional photos 
(black and white 8x10) also autographed. What was my favorite 
thing though, was the set of SeaQuest Dog tags which I believe 
are a replica of the ones Jon wore as Lucas. 
The text read as follows: (line 1)Jonathan Brandis, 
(line 2) Lucas Wolenczak, (line 3) SeaQuest DSV, 
(line 4) Season 1994-95. I wish Jon had written me a note 
or something, but I know he was a busy guy. Just that he 
took the time to send me all that stuff made my day...hell 
he made my year.  

I took pictures with the stuff that night which will be shown 
below this whole story. I always meant to write to Jon 
afterward to thank him and I started to. I still even have the
letter in an envelope.  I was waiting for my Prom pictures to 
come back because I wanted him to have one.  I don't know why 
I never got around to sending it. I guess I do actually. I met 
a guy in time for the Prom and I never seemed to get around 
to it. Every time I meant to re-write it and send it I would 
put it somewhere and then forget where it was. Then the dilemma 
of whether or not the fan club address was the correct one became 
an issue as time passed so I never sent it. 
Update 9/8/05

Sadly, I found the letter and the pics recently. 
I'm debating sending the pics to his parents with a sympathy 
card. My mom wanted to send one to them 2 years ago but she 
didn't have the address and has no clue how to use the 
computer to look one up.

Anyway, here are the pics of me in my bedroom (note the Jon 
posters on the wall behind me)with the stuff Jon sent to me
back in 1995.

********************************************************************* I've been away for a few years...heard the sad and unexpected news when my mom called me right before Christmas 2003. I cried after I hung up the phone. I only recently returned last week and now that I have internet access I wanted to update the site and keep Jonathan's memory alive. If anyone has pics or stories that they wish to share, please send them to me at: I'd be more than happy to post anything you'd like to share. Jon, you'll always be in our hearts.

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