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Welcome to Jax's Wonderful World of 'N SYNC!!

Hi, my name is Jackie and I'm 29 years old.  
I am a huge 'N SYNC Fan.
I have been following J.C.'s career ever since the MMC 
and from the very first episode, I was hooked! It was 
"love at first sight"! With the Voice of An Angel, 
that Awesome Smile, Amazing Dance Moves, 
and those GORGEOUS BLUE EYES, who could resist?  
I've been away for a while so I'm going to be working 
on updating these pages, so please be patient.
If you'd like to donate pics, banners, etc...please feel 
free to send them to me at:

You will be given full credit for your donation(s) and they 
would be much appreciated.

Anyone with news and updates is welcome to email me as well.

I have a great idea.  The Disney Channel has an EMAIL address.
I couldn't find their snail mail address, but I'm working on it. 
My idea is to bombard their inbox with as many requests as 
possible to bring back the New MMC in re-runs on the Disney 
Channel!  If I can find their snail mail address I will post
it with a printable petition to have singned and mailed.  
The link to the Disney Cahnnel Email is:  http://www.disney/mail/index.html
Then Click on Disney Channel for recipient.

Please sign my guestbook! 
Hope you enJOEYed your visit! 
JC-ya next time!


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