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What to Look for on Your Documents

Birth, Marraige and Death certificate are a good source when looking for addresses of Ancesters.

What to do with the information found on the certificates, check the date of Birth/Marraige/Death on the certificate selected if the date was 1891 and before you can try going to your local Library and checking out the address on the Census, for example, on a marraige certificate it will give the address of each person at that time, by looking at the census returns you will find a listing of the persons parents (the name of the father will be given on the certificate), brothers and sister of the intented living at that address at that particular time, also any visitors to that address at that particular time, such as Aunts, Uncles and if a wealthy family there may possibly be a servent.
If the date on the certificate was after 1891 then another good source of information finding in your local Library is in the Electral Rolls, if you know the address of your Aunt Mabel, and the year she was living there, then you can check out the electral roll, which will give you a list of people aged over 18 (18 being the voting age) if you find her, work your way back (yearly) through the elecral rolls, so from say 1950, look her up in 1949 see if she's there and continue going back till she has disappeared, that will give you when she moved there, from there go from 1950 upwards, so check out the 1951 elelcral rolls see if she's there and continue upwards, till again she disappears, then you'll know when she moved.
Censuses are taken every ten years but you are only allowed to see them 100 years after the census is taken so for the 1901 census you will have to wait for the year 2002 to be able to search, If you Know an address that a relaltive was living at for sure in 1901 then you can send away by post to:-

Smedley Hydro,
Merseyside, PR8 2HH

A charge will be made for the required information so make sure that you are sure about the address.

Information found on a Census Return.
1, Name.
2, Status, i.e Head, Wife, Son, Dau (dau=Daughter) also any visitors at that time
3, Age,
4, Occupation.
5, Where that person was born.

If you have any information, Just E-mail me, and I'll check it out.


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