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The Black Sun Imperial Fleet

The Black Sun was created by the great Jargon Darot, or better known by his call-sign Magic Death. The Black Sun also is the Intelligence Centre for the Empire, which is now a part of the USWS, the Ultimate Star Wars Simulation. We have joined up with the Empire to crush our enemies. If you think that the Black Sun Fleet is the group for you, then please do sign on. To join, just email me your address, WBS handle and what position you want and I will set you up.

The Black Sun Command Datapad:

Black Sun Origins
Learn about the Black Sun Orginization, and how it started.
Black Sun Ranks and Roster
See the ranks of the Black Sun, and the people in it.
All Black Sun Operatives must first look around the USWS, where the Black Sun started
Black Sun News
Learn on a day to day basis whats happening, and what missions are being scheduled.
Rules to the USWS. It is vital that you know this.

Bring me back: