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Black Sun Organization

The Black Sun was created by Jargon Darot when there was a great flux of business within the Galaxy. When the great God Wedge fled to his planet, guarded by 100, 000, 000 gun towers and many many mines, when the smugglers, the New Republic, the Empire AND the Crimnal group appeared, Jargon thought it was time to begin expansion.

Buying his own cruiser, fighters and recruiting men and women for his group, he came across a young and noble warrior named Dargj. Dargj served under the New Republic banner, and was loved by all, but he knew a great secret of Jargon's, that must never get out. Jargon killed Dargj to protect that secret, and so to this very day, I have never trusted anyone. I soon came across an old friend of mine, Njal Stormcaller, and together we began our cancerous rule.

The Black Sun now controls its own planet, and more are on its way. Jargon has now learnt to respect his enemy so 'Rebel Scum' are now the 'New Republic', 'Imps' are now the 'New Order', and all of his men NEVER get cocky during missions. Then one day, while at his favourite Cantina on Tatooine, Jargon saw a bounty hunter trying to kill an Admiral named NG. Jargon risked his life for the Admiral, and in doing so, he lost his right arm to the Bounty Hunter. The Admiral thanked Jargon by asking him to form an Alliance with the Empire. Jargon did so, and together they intend to rule the Galaxy. Jargon's right arm is now robotic, and is bloody strong.

Bring me back: