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Black Sun Roster & Ranks

The Black Sun Ranks go as follow: Fleet Admiral, Admiral, 
Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral, Commodore, Fleet Captain,
Captain, Commander, Lt. Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant (jg),Ensign.
There is only 1 Fleet Admirals, and one Admiral for each 
Capitol class ship. For every capitol ship there must be 
also a gunner.

Each Flight needs a Flight Leader. The Flight Leader is the Officer with the highest rank. Flight Cadets are the newest of the Squad members. NOTE: Only I can choose who can be promoted. Flight Leaders are alowed to make recomendations though

The Black Sun's flagship is the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Eclipse'. 'Eclipse' is Commandeered my moi, Fleet Admiral Jargon. These are the following vacancies: Gunner: Captain 8Q Gunner: *vacant* Boarding Officer: Commodore sabre00 Boarding officers are at first gunners, but when we send out trasports, they will lead them. There are be 2 fighter Squadrons: Defender Alpha 1: Commodore Doom- Alpha Leader ( Defender Alpha 2: Lieutenant MAT Tarkin ( Defender Alpha 3: Lieutenant (jg) Kirtan Loor ( Defender Alpha 4: Ensign Deathhand ( Defender Alpha 5: Ensign Admiral 8Q ( To see the Alpha Squad homepage, go here

Advanced Leader: Fleet captain DS-61-7 Advanced 2: General Zorrander Advanced 3: Captain Balkriss Advanced 4: *vacant* Advanced 5: *vacant* Interceptor 6: *vacant*


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