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Black Sun Fleet

* The Corvette begins to cut through the atmosphere, red hot streaks of fire flying froms its hull. " This is CC 539-00F delivering passengers to Coruscant Bay 734-01. Do we have permission to land, control? " "Permission granted. Begin landing sequence Corvette 'Matyr'." The Corvette, employing its repulsers, gracefully lands onto the plasteel ground. Ground crews run forward and begin checking the Corvette. The door slides open, and a group of Gotel mercenaries step out first, followed by a Twil'lek pilot. Then you walk out, and stride onto the hanger grounds. A robot scuttles forward, and hands you a Data pad. You switch it on *

~~~~~Begin Transmission~~~~~

Welcome, to the Black Sun hanger bay. From here you may go to any of the flight group stations. A list of links to their facilities is given below. Of course there is the Black Sun HQ just below you. You may join it to help quench the rebel fire.The Imperial Navys second Fleet needs more people like you. Thank you, that is all. Have a good day.

~~~~~End Transmission~~~~~

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Black Sun Organisation
The Black Sun Fleet is the second fleet within the Imperial Navy. Pilots/Gunners are needed . If you wish to help Grand Admiral Ng and the Empire, then join the fleet!
Email me! I would like questions and comments.

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