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EXPERIMENT!!! Check this out,i;m testing stuf on the babitchi's and the shirobabitchi's.

Tamagotchi CD-ROM!!Here you can find all the info you need on the tam cd-rom.

Charcter Animations Main Page >Where you can find info on ANY tam1 charcter!

Baby Charcters All the info you could need on the Baby Charcters!

Mametchi  All the info you could need on the Mametchi!

Ginjirochi  Info on the Ginjirochi

Masukutchi All the info you need on the Masukutchi!

Secret Charcter!!All the info you need on Bill the Secret Charcter.

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Even more suff.

TaTam's StoryA story about TaTam a gameboy Kupatchi.
DIGMON CHARCTERS!A bunch of info on the new digimon charcters!

THE DIFFERENT TAM EGGS!A bunch of new tams have come out..check out the new and old!

CybiesCheck out the new tamagotchi Cybies!

Tam2 growth chartSee what your tam may become!
Giga Pets Find out about Gigas,yet another Tamagotchi wannabe

RakuRaku DinoKun Check out RakuRaku's and Dinkie Dinos

RakuRaku Chart Check out the RakuRaku growth chart.



This is Aaa-choo he is a dust ball..to get one for your page click the banner abover her. Hi well i got around to updating my page..even thought there aren't that many differences..i added a banner updated pic of the week (FINALLY!)and i handed out 2 more awards..well this page will be updated again..semi soon i'm still busy with the other page but i'm trying to keep this one updated at least weekly.Thanx for coming.
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The poll stayed up more than a week and maybe even 2..but i wasn't getting as many responces as i had hoped.but i've finally taken it down and here are what the results were.
What was the first adult charcter you ever got???
Gijirotchi got-2,Mametchi got-2,Nyrotchi got-1,Bill got-1 Zuccitchi got-1,Mimitchi got-3.

Do you own a Tama Angel?!?and Where did you buy it?!?

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Unfortunitly ,Tamagotchi Fever,and Tamagotchi Link Center have been shut down.

I'm looking to give out more awards ..and place moe banners on my site..if you have a tama page or know or a great one please send me the URL..you can e-mail me with it or just send it through the form above.

Sincerly, Jami