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You can listen to The Freshmen mid. The New Video Villains was just released on MTV. If you would like to join another mailing list besides Verve Pipeings you can on this page. Check out the new Quicktime Video section.
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Cups of Tea

The Official Verve Pipe Website: Some cool Verve Pipe Stuff Here and there.
The Band: All about the band.
The Music: All about the music. Download wav files in here.
The Verve Pipe on tour: Wherever the verve pipe are touring.
My Top 10 CDs Of The Week: My Top 10
Your Links: The links people sent me
Why rap sucks: If you do not like rap come in here or if you do like rap ill try to convince you not to.
Verve Pipe Interviews: Verve pipe Interviews
The Villains Mailing List: Subscribe to the new villains mailing list.
Me: Stuff About Me. (Under Construction!)
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Verve Pipe

Photograph Guitar Tab: Photograph Guitar tab
Veneer Guitar Tab: Veneer Guitar Tab
Cup of Tea Guitar Tab: Cup of Tea Guitar Tab
Penny Is Poison Guitar Tab: Penny Is Poison Guitar Tab
The Freshmen Guitar Tab: The Freshmen Guitar tab
Myself Guitar Tab: Myself Guitar Tab
Villains Guitar Tab (Not the whole album): Villains Guitar Tab
Spoonful Of Sugar Guitar Tab: Spoonful Of Sugar Guitar Tab
Reverend Girl Guitar Tab: Reverend Girl Guitar Tab
The Freshmen Guitar Tab in Several different ways: Go here you will be impressed
Wanna Be Guitar Tab: Wanna Be Guitar Tab
Ark Of The Envious Guitar Tab: Ark Of The Envious Guitar Tab
Bass Tabs

Photograph Bass Tab: Photograph Bass Tab
The Freshmen Bass Tab: The Freshmen Bass Tab

Other Bands

This is not quite complete for now you can get some rare cool tabs here.

[Sublime:Complete|Collective Soul:Complete|Live:Complete|Third Eye Blind|Matchbox 20:Complete|Dave Mathews Band|Reel Big Fish|Figurehead|Counting Crows|Jewel]

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Quicktime Videos

[Freshmen Quicktime Movie|Photograph Quicktime Movie| Villians Quicktime Movie]
Real Audio

The Freshmen in many different versionsReal Audio 3.0
Matchbox 20: Matchbox 20 in concert
Radiohead: Performing
Stereolab: Performing- "This is my freinds favorite band"
The Wallflowers: Performing
Blur: In Concert
Black Crowes: In Concert
Stone Temple Pilots: In Concert
The Cure: In Concert

Cool Verve Pipe Links

[The official Verve Pipe Website| |Ricks Verve Pipe Page| |Jon's Verve Pipe Page| |Some Verve Pipe Page| |Aarons Vigarous Vault of the verve pipe| |Sheilas Happy Little World| |Cindie's Verve Pipe Page| |The Verve Pipe Page| |The Verve Pipe| |Ever Heard Of the Verve Pipe| |The Verve Pipe Brian Hubert| |More Verve Pipe Links| |Consuela's Homepage]
Other Music Links

[Matchbox 20|Papa Vegas|Figurehead|Counting Crows]


This section is for bands that were never gven a chance to perform with the top artists like The Verve Pipe. The Verve Pipe at one time were like this. In my opinion local bands are our future of music.


Figurehead is a five piece band from East Lansing,
MI that is gaining local attention due to their highly 
energetic live sets and the raw talent that the band 
possesses.  They should headline for The Verve Pipe + 
they are freinds with the Verve Pipe.

Drums- Dana Mirate
Bass Guitar- Josh Whiting
Rhythm Guitar- Geoff Koboldt
Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals- Dennis Moghaddom Lead Vocals- Brent Nuffer The Schedule Of Events Schedule of Events: April 15 Small Planet -East Lansing,MI April 18 Small Planet - East Lansing,MI w/13mg and kung fu diesel May 03 Bach Dor - Lansing,MI w/clown pounders May 13 Small Planet - East Lansing,MI w/Dahlia Gray and Killswitch May 17 Beerapalooza - Grayling,MI w/kung fu diesel and 4 others May 28 Small Planet - East Lansing, MI w/Black Fuzz May 29 Mac's Bar - Lansing, MI w/ caustic pop June 10 Small Planet - East Lansing,MI w/hot like vegas and Skullbuzz June 13 Wiseguys - Saginaw,MI w/clown pounders June 14 Wiseguys - Saginaw, MI w/hot like vegas June - July - we are taking a break to find a new bass player and work on original material! Contact Info Figurhead 672 Gunson St. East Lansing,MI 48823 Suns of the Moondog Records Out of step Mgmt. Wanna Hear Figurehead:Tabs are included
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