You are the Person

I am 13 year old Jason Parker. i like to play guitar alot and I love to play sprorts. Knowone probally cares about this me thing and knowone has probally ever came in here before so I don't even know why I am doing this me thing. These are some pictures of me my family and places Ive been and things I do. I live in Woodstock Georgia (we are not red necks). The Verve Pipe are not my favorite band but they are pretty cool. I love going to concerts. I saw counting crows at the roxy, crash test dummies at lakewood, allanis morissette at lakewood (She sucked in concert), and I went to hootie and the blowfish at lakewood(they sucked worse in concert). I have two cats and a dog. I have two brothers no sisters and a girlfreind. My little brother's name is Ryan and my older brother's name is Charlie.(They are pretty cool) I bet you are thinking right now( how could a 13 year old kid be so interested in music and how could a 13 year old kid build a webpage and learn the html codes) Well youd be surprised what I learn at school. I am about 5'10 now but in most of those pictures I was about 5'6 becasue that was last year. I have Black hair and Green eyes. My favorite tv show is Seinfeld and I am thinking about doing a page on the show. Well thats all you need to know about me.

Seinfeld The Best Tv Show On Earth
Seinfeld The Best Tv Show On Earth
This is my cat Chump
This is me my aunt and my cool cousin and her best freind about to go to the Counting Crows Concert at the ROXY
This is me playing guitar last year
This is my little cousin Shane
This is me in front of the statue of Jimi Hendrix at the 96 olympics