Verve Pipe

You are the Person
Photograph Guitar Tab: Photograph Guitar tab
Veneer Guitar Tab: Veneer Guitar Tab
Cup of Tea Guitar Tab: Cup of Tea Guitar Tab
Penny Is Poison Guitar Tab: Penny Is Poison Guitar Tab
The Freshmen Guitar Tab: The Freshmen Guitar tab
Myself Guitar Tab: Myself Guitar Tab
Villains Guitar Tab (Not the whole album): Villains Guitar Tab
Spoonful Of Sugar Guitar Tab: Spoonful Of Sugar Guitar Tab
Reverend Girl Guitar Tab: Reverend Girl Guitar Tab
The Freshmen Guitar Tab in Several different ways: Go here you will be impressed
Wanna Be Guitar Tab: Wanna Be Guitar Tab
Ark Of The Envious Guitar Tab: Ark Of The Envious Guitar Tab
Bass Tabs

Photograph Bass Tab: Photograph Bass Tab
The Freshmen Bass Tab: The Freshmen Bass Tab

Other Bands

This is not quite complete for now you can get some rare cool tabs here.

[Sublime:Complete|Collective Soul:Complete|Live:Complete|Third Eye Blind|Matchbox 20:Complete|Dave Mathews Band|Reel Big Fish|Figurehead|Counting Crows|Jewel]

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