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Hello it's Jeff Lacroix here again with some great links to some
great heath and fitness sites on the Web. If you know of any more good
sites go to my Information Page and let me know.

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Health & Nutrition Links

Acupuncture: Questions and answers.
Alcoholics Anonymous: The famous 12 step program.
Alternative Medicine: Information about this topic.
American Family Physicians: Basic Questions and answers.
American Lung Association: Information about this topic and place.
American Psychiatric Association: Information about this topic and place.
Asthma & Allergy Resources Page: Information and links.
Baby Care Corner: Ideas and info on caring for babies.
Breast Cancer Answers: Information on breast cancer.
Breastfeeding Information: Contains many hyperlinks.
Children With Diabetes: Information about this topic and place.
Chiro-Web: Info on chiropractic resources.
Deaf World Web: Information about this topic and services.
Down Syndrome: Information about this topic or place.
Dr. Greene's House Calls: Complete answers online.
Eye Care FAQ'S: Common questions and answers.
Eyeville Visitors' Center: Info about proper eye care.
Foot & Anklr Web Index: Do your feet hurt?
Go Ask Alice: Questions about nutrition, health sex more.
The Good Health Web: List more than 1,000 health organizations.
Health World Online: Contains a great amount of info.
The HIV InfoWeb: Information about HIV and AIDS.
Home Birth: Information about this topic.
Hospital Web: List of Hospitals by State, Country.
Kids Health Organization: Information about this topic or place.
Leukemia Society Of America: Information about this topic or place.
Managing Your Diabetes: Info, news , and events.
Medscape: Very high tech site.
National Breast Cancer Coalition: Information about this topic or place.
National Health Information Center: Information about this topic or place.
National Hospice Organization: Help for the terminally ill and their families.
The National Neurofibromatosis Foundations: The disorders that cause the growth of tumors.
Psychiatry Online: News, reviews, surveys, letters and more.
The Skin Cancer Zone: Information about this topic.
Sleep Net: Do you have problems sleeping.
SIDS Homepage: Information about this topic.
World Federation Of Hemorophillia: A painfull blood disorder.
As Above,So Below: An eclectic combination of information on homeopathy, traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Historical Re-enactment, Spirituality, book reviews, and a bookstore.
Variety Place: Herbs, potpourri, and more.
Virtuvites: Great site for vitamins, herbs, and supplements.
Buttazzoni Vitamins & Herbal Remedies: Do you want to lose weight? With no dieting or strenuous exercise? Then this is the place for you! Click here to recieve your FREE INFO PACKAGE. The only thing you have to lose a few extra pounds!
Colorado Longevity Institute: Slow down or even reverse the aging process, have more energy, by using natural vitamins made by a dual boarded physician. Also "Lois' Luscious Low-Fat Creations" cookbook.

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Disease Information Links

Alzheimer's Association: Information about this topic.
American Cancer Society: Information about cancer with some hyperlinks.
American Diabetes Association: Information about this topic or place.
American Heart Association: Information about this topic or place.
The Betaseron Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center: Information about this topic.
The Body: Info about AIDS, and HIV.
Center Watch: Clinical trials center.
The US National Library Of Medicine: Search engine to over 40 databases, $2/search.
Alcohol Liver Disease Fact Sheet: Information on liver desease.
Allergy Internet Resources: Information on allergies.
ALS Association: Information about Lou Gehrig's Desease
Arthrites Foundation: Fact sheete, plus magazine.
Athlete's Foot Information: Do you have athlete's foot?
Centers For Disease Control And Prevention: Disease control site.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Information about this topic.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Books about this topic.
Conjunctivitis Fact Sheet: Info about pinkeye.
Dr. Ivan's Depression Central: About all types of depression
Ebola Information: All about ebola.
Glaucoma Research Foundations: FAQ's and newsletter.
Herpes Zone: Want to learn more about herpes.
Lyme Disease Information Resources: Treatment methods and support groups.
Muscular Dystrophy Association USA: About the research.
National Psoriasis Foundation: Big name, lots of information.
National Tuberculosis Center: Info and more info.
Ringworm Fact Sheet: Facts and information.
Viral Meningitis Fact Sheet: Facts and information.
Whooping Cough Fact Sheet: Facts and information.

Fitness & Exercise Links

Aerobics & Fitness Association: Advice and hints on a good routine.
Balance-Fitness On The Net: Covers everything about fitness.
Runners World Online: If your a runner you must go here.
Shape Up America: How to exercise and eat right.
Fitness Matters: Links to sites about martial arts.
Fitness Zone: Great site for long distance runners.
Health And Fitness Page: Advice and lots of hyperlinks.
The Internet Fitness Resource: One of the best sites.
Guide To Meditation: General information source for meditation.
Yoga Research Center: The clinical aspects of Yoga.
Pinson's Fitness Products: Products to keep you fit and sound.

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