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Hello, it's Jeff Lacroix again, this time I have a
list of educational sites that might interest you.
I you can think of any more good sites, please let
me know. I will check them out and maybe add them
to my list. If you have any questions or suggestions E-Mail me.
I'm always looking for new good kids sites. I hope
you enjoy my links that I have provided for you.

List Of Educational Sites

Castles On The Web: Castles From Around The World.
Children's Storybooks Online: Lots Of Educational Stories.
Crayola: Lot's Of Games And Fun For Kids.
CyberKids: Online Magazine, Games.
Cyberkid's Club: Learn About Cultures, Meet Other Kids.
Cyber-Seuss: Cat In The Hat At His Best.
DC Comics Online: All The Comic Book Greats.
Digital Campus: Looking For A College To Attend. All Kinds Of Fun.
Flags: Flags Of All Nations
Free Zone: Stories, Games, Puzzles.
International Kids Space: Send Pictures, Stories And More.
Kid's Corner: Something For All Kids Here.
KidsCom: Communications Playground.
Looney Toon Home Page: All The Toons For You.
Space Camp: Outer Space Playground.
This Day In History: Find Out What Happened On This Day.
You Can With Beakman & Jax: All sorts of odd information, like how the moon affects the tide, what causes earwax, etc.
LD Online: Focusing on the learning disabled. Easy to follow program.
National Attention Deficit Disorder Association: Full of personal stories and resource materials. Covers everything you want to know about ADDA.
Deaf World Web: Chat lines to pen pal programs. People wanting to know about Sign Language go here.
Education World: Similar to Yahoo but made for teachers. 50,000 educational sites online.
Society For The Autistically Handicapped: A great single topic site on autism. Loaded with information.
Physics 2000: This site uses Java applets to simulate classic experiments and concepts.
About Rainbows: Research about rainbows, and what there all about.
Maps On Us:
3-D Riddle: 3-D Stereograms puzzles.
A-Ha! Kids Network: All kinds of games and fun.
Children's Storybooks Online: Many hyperlinks to kids stories.
Commonwealth Of Learning: Full of educational programs.
George Lucas Education Foundation: From the maker of Star Wars.
Kid's Crambo: Fun to play, and make some rhymes.
Lamb Chop's Play Along: If your 3 - 7, this is for you.
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: His actual homepage.
PBS Kids: Very user-friendly and fun, fun PBS shows.
Snoopy's Dog House: The oficial information site.
Mesquite Area Moms This site was made by some mom's in the Dallas, TX suburbs to promote social skills for their young children by scheduling regular playgroups and outings.
STUFF for KIDS to DO (with the help of a parent) A place where kids and parents can sit down together to find fun, interesting things to do.

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The Orton Family Fun Page A page dedicated to family fun and recreation. Fishing links, bear info and photos, childrens links, vacation links.
Tawnya's Rainbow Page About my intrests: Rubber Stamping, Scrapbooking, Geneology of my family, Precious Moments figurines, Blueberries & Bluebonnets, and my sister's Little Mermaid page.
Blossom's Bloomers A G-Rated Site intended for anyone of any age! There is an award given out weekly, search engines, stuff about me and my family, book reviews, and way more!
Children's Book Star of the Month
Mischief On The Internet
Grant's Tomb A cool page belonging to an 8 year-old boy. Try and win my award if you want!
Atlantic Crossroads
The Sforza Family Homepage A showcase of my family and friends and various links of interest to us.
Tiffany's Play Room
Gerad's Homepage
Searching for Krishna
Retta's Place
Kids's page This is a page about my family.
MacGillicuddy Monster's
Cindy's Angelic Page
The Tice Family Home Page
Ron's Web Rings
Jackenheimer Family Home Page
Sara's Home Page
Kimber's Homepage...the place for family, fun and pets
Renegade's Graphics Collection
Nona's Genealogy Page
Tony's home page
Michael's Cool Page of Interesting Links
Le cobaye's Guinea Pig Homepage
Baby World Visit here for pregnancy,baby,and children advice and activities. Lots of stories, games, music, Barney the dinosaur, and coloring sites. Get answers to your pregnancy, baby or children questions at the parental advice section. Babies, kids, and their parents will love this site.
A Beginning
Shirleys House My site has crafts poetry prayer pageand lots of family links
Sing B-I-N-G-O with us!!!
Mickie's DreamLand FanTasies
Very Sp@rkles™ Come here to visit a great site with it's own penpal page!
Just 'n' Case
Sarah's Home Page family site.
Wichi's Wonderful World
Elaine's Space
Rachel's Cat Page!
Jodi's Kid's Place
Wave Theme Songs Homepage
The Windows Goodies Website Software (Shareware and Freeware), Wallpaper Images for your Windows Desktop, Various Sound Files and free Internet services. Also free Java scripts for your Homepages and you can submit your own software to my website.
Akin To Anne
Anne Of Green Gables.
Anna Leffew's Home Page my home page.
The BBQ Cooking Homepage

Kraay Family Home Page
Tweety's page
Family Cottage
Steph's World
Diane's Home Page
Sweetannie's Place
Grogg: Prehistoric Answer Man with Neanderthal Perspective
Sam and Tony's Kids Page
Pressfeldt's pages We are a family in sweden, we have 5 kids between 13y and 4 months.
Wee Ones Our site is dedicated to anyone involved with infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
RHONDA'S ROMPER ROOM Family, friends, and great links!
The Autumn People
The Drennon Family
Tawaka's Cool Home Page
SnowyOwl's Homepage A family site with coloring pages, graphics, and links for homeschooling, crafts, parenting, kids, and my friends.
Dennis' Home Page On this page you will find my Red Alert Page, Cheats Page, Programming Page, Smiley Page and a lot of links to software sites, game companies and magazines. And there is some information about me (if you're interested).
Emmerich Family Homepage Astronomy, the weather, Pinky and Brain and more. Welcome to my Home Page
Eckilson Family Home Page
Thumper's Family
Wabbitts Habbittat
The Turgeon's Home Page A fun family page from a simple Gulf coast family.
Suwannee River's End
Theodore and Tilly-Bear's Fun Site Teddy bear stories, humor, games, and activities - hosted by two teddy bears who live in Vermont.
joyKIDS This is a fun place for kids!
The WOOD Universe A peek into the world of Lynn's family & events. A please to read about home, family and crafts! Also includes photos of the two-year-old terror, Noelani.
Drum World! Do YOU Dare? A personal page about me and my family loaded with fun and links!
Lorien's H Page! For fun on a rainy day!
The Thomas Family Home Page A family site with information and links to info about asthma, audio sites, educational sites, Chihuahua Sites, and much more. Come meet the Thomas Family.
Welcome to our Humble Abode Come and meet us in our country, learn more about it, and family and friends.
The Tate's Home Page Variety of family-oriented things such as kids' stuff, crafts, recipes, military, golfing, biking, and diabetes information.
Significant Ones A great place to find links that are safe and fun for kids as well as adults! I have put together an extensive list of links to children's shareware/fun sites and on-line adventure! Thanks.
Kay's World! My page has links on music, tamagotchis, and other fun stuff. Learn about Japanese things too.
Tretter Family Web Page
Shasta's page for kids about kids
Tert's single parent hideout It is a page to help single parents, like myself, raise their children. It has helpful hints on different things to make a hard job a little bit easier.
Alana Jordan's Personal Homepage
Lyngstua's Home Page A site for familys and catlovers.
Greenscan Sheri's home on the web
Mary's Homepage
Jennifer's Giraffe Jungle
Fun songs A personal webpage with information about my family and our interests. Includes midi files of songs arranged by me, quotes, poetry, LDS links, other fun links and just plain fun stuff.
MO7's Home Page
Kelly's Korner Family friendly site with links to other family oriented sights, as well as links to fun things like chats, webrings, free stuff, and lots more coming soon.
Cheryl's Page! A family site containing recipes as well as lots of links to parenting resources and fun sites for kids.

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