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Hello, it's me again Jeff Lacroix, this time I have a list of sites I've found that are good for getting some good downloads.
These are not all of them of course, but its some. If you know of any more good sites for this, please see my Info Page.

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Lacroix's List Of Download Links

Download.Net: Games, Programs, Utilities.
Download.Com: Games, Programs, Utilities.
Microsoft Corp.:
Real Player: Got To Have This.
A1 Shareware Evaluations: Many Links Here. Must See.
Clicked Shareware Gallery: All Types Of Shareware.
FilePile: 1000's of Programs, Games, Everything.
Jumbo: Over 93,000 Programs.
Pass The Shareware Please: Another Very Large Site.
Shareware.Com: Over 160,000 Files To Choose From.
the Software Site: Lots Of Windows Games, And Casino Games.
Vision X Software:
UK Shareware.Com: Lots To Offer From The UK.
TuDogs: Software, Graphics, And Services.
TUCOWS: Winsock Software.
STAR's Shareware: Another Good Site.
softword Tecnology: Bible And Educational.
The Software Shak: Fun Site To Download.
Software Labs:
The shareware Shop:
The Shareware Mall: More Sites, They Never End
Shareware Central: Even More, But All These Sites Are Good.
Anti-Virus Software: A Site You Have To Stop At.
Screensaver.Com: Lot's Of Fun Screensavers.
Software Utilities: Utilities for Windows 95 and the Mac OS.
Software USA:
Father Of Shareware: Site with plenty to choose from.
Guillion Bros. Shareware:
Happy Puppy's Front Page: Popular place on the net.
Kitty-Kat Software: Devoted to share & Freeware for Macs.
My Shareware Page:
Nankivall Data Pump:
T & PSC Free Links: A site devoted to free stuff.

The Free Stuff
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