(or dungeon as you may like to call it...)


Lately I've felt a great need to get rid of some of the songs and artists on my homepage.. I didn't want to throw them away totally, and thought it'll be nice to put up a page where I can 'store' them until I get really mad one day and erase them totally...
Some of these are just paying a short visit here, some just might be a great place to build spiderwebs on... mostly the sticky ones end up here... I'll also write the date I took them off (if I remember), kinda like a chronology of Gal's cruelty outbursts... well, maybe not.. anyway.. here they are;

Bryan Adams (04/06/1999)
Cuts Like A Knife
Straight From The Heart
Kids Wanna Rock
All For Love (With Rod Stewart & Sting)

Chicago (04/06/1999)
Hard To Say I'm Sorry

Des'ree (04/06/1999)
You Gotta Be

Marcella Detroit (04/06/1999)
I Believe

Natalie Imbruglia (04/06/1999)

Donna Lewis (04/06/1999)
I Love You Always Forever

The Eagles (04/06/1999)
Best Of My Love
I Can't Tell You Why
The Long Run

The Fifth Dimension (04/06/1999)

Vanessa Williams (04/06/1999)
Save The Best For Last

Bill Withers (04/06/1999)
Lean On Me

Paul Young (04/06/1999)
Love Of The Common People


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