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Band Members

JEREMY HALL - Vocals, Keyboards ERIC GILLISPEE - Lead & Rythm Guitar HERMAN BEAVER - Bass Guitar

The Strange Days is a newly formed act featuring talents who have been involved in the band scene in the Charelston/Huntington area since 1995. Combining punk and traditional rock music with powerful heavy metal riffs as well as the influences of such Great bands and musicians such as The Doors,The Misfits, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Iggy Pop, Jimi Hendrix, Marylin Manson, Alice Cooper, Danzig, and the Rolling Stones; The Strange Days are one of the most interesting acts in this area. "They present a presence which is almost hypnotic; almost a religious experiance", says Robert Keener. "I personally believe more and more, everytime I see them perform that Jeremy Hall is indeed the reincarnation of Jim Morrison. You have to see it and hear it. Somewhere in between The Doors and Danzig lies The Strange Days" - Justin Harrah. But they totally deny any connection to these bands. "I listen to the Doors as well as The Misfits,etc. but I never intentionally copy them. We have our own unique sound. Weve just been compared to them a lot, which is alright with me since they're some of my favorite bands." - Herman Beaver(Bass Guitar) . . . Singer Jeremy Hall has never been completly foward about his music nor is he a well known in the music scene in this area, which adds to his mystery. " Ive always tried to capture some part of my own self in these lyrics, though they are usually directed to the generaton if you examine them carefully you can usually find traces of my own misery in them as well. I use a lot of metaphors which can be interpreted into alternate meanings. The Basic focus of our songs are usually songs pertaining to life, death, chaos, opression, sprituality,etc. And my goal as a writer and as a performer is to change peoples minds and the way that they veiw things. . . . .Life is so infinate. Theres so much we strive to understand but could never grasp" - Jeremy Hall(vocals). . . . . . Powerful music and Powerful lyrics - Truly a Poetic Rock band -One of the few in Charelston Area. This is definatly not a band to be missed. (article written by Chris Reese)

DEBUT CD : Coming Soon!

The newly reformed Strange Days Debut Cd will soon be available to buy. It will feature two new recordings: never-before-released, as well as songs from their live show. It will be available for purchase Sept. 5th. For more information on purchasing this Cd or any other Strange Days information go to