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The Marine Corps Hymn

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

We as Navy Hospital Corpsmen have served in every clime and place. Serving in the Fleet, Fleet Marine Force, and the AirWing.. We perform many facets within the medical that most people do not know. We serve as grunt corpsmen, PMT's, Laboratory Technologist's, OR tech's, X-Ray tech's just to name a few area's we work in. Our new HM's of today are well trained. The young woman I met on board the Hospital ship USN MERCY would have made anyone proud.. The HM2 I met at FMFSS at Camp DelMar, who was a Force Recon DOC would make us proud. So our traditions are being carried on.. Semper Fi

To honor those who have borne the front of combat. Those who have sacrificed and endured the hardship of combat. We have our own piece of land to sustain our body, but not our souls. We shall always wander through out time. Who amongst us shall miss us. We the living shall always remember our fallen friends. Upon a black granite slab lies 632 names of Navy Corpsmen who gave there all in Vietnam. They shall be always remembered in time eternity.


American Association of Navy Hospital Corpsmen

c/o Ron Wilson HMC USN RET
6 Wheelwright Ct.
Ballwin, MO 63021

Corpsmen United
c/o George H. Steele
541 E. Osceola Ave.
Clewiston, FL 33440

Association of FMF Combat Medical Personnel
c/o Larry DuBois
PO Box 230-711
Encinitas, CA 92023-0711