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The One Called Doc

I shall not walk in your footsteps
but, I will walk by your side,
I shall not walk in your image,
I've earned my own title of pride.

We've answered the call together,
on sea and foreigen land.
When the cry for help was given,
I've been there right at hand.

Whether I am on the ocean
or in the jungle wearing greens,
Giving aid to my fellow man,
be it Sailors or Marines.

So the next time you see a Corpsman
and think of calling him "squid",
think of the job he's doing
as those before him did.

And if you ever have to go out there
and your life is on the block,
Look at the one right next to you...
I'm the one called "Doc".

Harry D. Penny Jr.
Copyright 1975

Used with Permission of Author

Hospital Corpsmen

I solemnly pledge myself before God
and these witnesses to practice
faithfully all of my duties
as a member of the Hospital Corps.

I hold the care of the sick and injured
to be a privelege and a sacred trust
and will assist the Medical Department
Officer with loyalty and honesty.

I will not knowingly permit harm to come
to any patient.

I will not partake of nor administer any
unauthorized medication.

I will hold all personal matters pertaining
to the private lives of patients in strict confidence.

I dedicate my heart, mind and strength
to the work before me.

I shall do all within my power to show
in myself an example of all that is
honorable and good through out my
naval career.

A Hospital Corpsman's

Lord, As I embark upon this path that
you, in your infinite wisdom, have set
before me, I pray that you will guide
my hand, my heart and my mind. Keep me
faithful to my oath, always aware of the
seriousness of my duties, and above all
the sacredness of life. Let me not be a
glory seeker, but rather a servant, as
You the Great Physician to whom all Glory
belongs, served even us. Help me face the
trials before me, death of those I come
to love, and personal disappoinments
without losing heart or faith. May I
place first the welfare of those entrust-
ed to my care, and self last. Above

all Lord, protect me from my pride, for
there is nothing I can do through
what skill I may possess that is not in
your will that it be done.

Written by: Joni R. Terrio
(Doc Terrio)

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