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                            MACKO RYODO JUDO JUJUTSU


                            Name and Address:
                            Ken Melbourne
                            8th Dan Kempo-Jitsu

                            Jim Beyersdorf
                            6th Dan Judo and jujitsu

                            Business Description:
                            Multiple Martial Arts

                            Ken and Jim have been in the Martial Arts
                            since 1960's.Teaching and learning theory
                            and application of the martial arts.

                            Please click HERE for
                            Kenneth H. Melbourne's biography.

                            James Beyersdorf Biography

                            I started Judo at Camp Pendleton under James Giles in 1963.
                            I was transferred to Okinawa and learned from Ito Sensei
                            for a while. Then was sent to Vietnam for a period of
                            time, my Judo training was on hold.Went back to Camp
                            Lejeune and started learning Judo from Szjreter Sensei.
                            Also at this time I was taking Goshin Budo jujutsu from
                            Velez Sensei. From there I started my training in Hakkoryu
                            jujutsu from Bonilla Sensei. One of my instructor's in
                            Judo and Jujutsu was Ernie Cates Sensei.. The last few
                            years I have been studying Kempo-jitsu with Ken
                            Melbourne Sensei..It has been a very long path and
                            someday I shall see the end of the path..