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All-time favorite link: Where is the International Space Station now?
Favorite link of the moment: Honda's New Accord - A two minute single-shot chain reaction using car parts (and one fully-assembled car). You've got to see it to believe it!

New & Interesting (some are new; others just don't fit in another category nicely)
They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard! - a techno-music-video-ish thing that's so useless and tacky it's cool. I think. (Big download if you're dial-up, as I am, but worth it to watch once.) Pay attention to the melody of the music - it should sound familiar. :-)
Millau Viaduct - an amazing new suspension bridge - Where else can you hear all soundtracks, all the time, for free? Also, look at the queue to see what's coming up, and join (free) to chat with other listeners and request songs yourself!
Smithsonian Institute

School Stuff
Teen Mania Alumni - login page
Huntington Home Page
The Life and Works of C. S. Lewis (EM285CSL)
Public Speaking (SP211)
Star Trek: A Critical Review (NSJ28)
Cruising Down the Information Superhighway (CSJ22)
Mainstream of Civilization (HS125 & 126)
Chemistry and Contemporary Science (CH111)
English Composition (EN121)
MLA: Perdue University
. University of Illinois - a resource for teachers to check out suspicious papers
Learn Spanish - 75 tutorials, pronunciation sound files, translator, etc. - free study guides, among other things

Teaching Resources
Animal Fun & Games - courtesy of the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet
AskERIK Lesson PLans
Curricular Resources and Networking Projects
Custom Classroom - join DiscoverySchool to use on-line quizes and save custom-made puzzles, all for free.
Dewey Decimal Classification System - categories by whole numbers (eg, it will tell you that 567 is for "fossil cold-blooded vertebrates," but it won't tell you that 567.91 is for "dinosaurs") - resources for students, teachers, and parents - online educational games by age and subject - more fun and games, requires Flash
Huntington College's list of Teaching References
HyperScore - a program that lets kids (or adults!) graphically compose music, as seen on Scientific American Frontiers on PBS
K12 Curriculum Resources on the Web - a list of handy links
The Math Forum - resources and support for teachers, with lots of links and lessons
Multiple Intelligence Test for Children
Museum of Unnatural Mystery - for those curious (slightly older) kids
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards
PBS - PBS Online; my favorite show is Scientific American Frontiers Puzzlemaker - one of DiscoverySchool’s fun resources for teachers
Stay Safe Online - MSN site teaching children how to do just that
Surf Swell Island - Disney’s shot at teaching children safe surfing - resources include 5 minute lifesavers
also, check out yahoo's education resources
Space Unit
Moon Landing Maze - on DiscoverySchool, for a space unit.
Sun Face Maze - another one
Space-Age Living - building the international space station
Name the Space Station - have your students submit a name with an explaination for their choice
NASA Quest - bringing NASA's work into the classroom
Windows to the Universe - info about space, and you can adjust the detail for different age groups

C. S. Lewis
Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis Website - links & information
C. S. Lewis: 20th Century Christian Knight Links - links & info
Bruce Edwards’ C S Lewis Site - essays and resources
Mere Lewis - a discussion group of which Douglas Gresham (Lewis’ step-son) is a member
The Inklings Webring - sites relating to well-known fantasy authors such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams
The C. S. Lewis Page - Games

The Grey Havens - so, what ever did happen to Arwen?
Tolkein Online - "The Lord of the Rings Source"
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

Star Trek
Star Trek Nexus
Star Trek Web Sites
Delta Doors
Star Trek (the official site)
Almighty Q 's Home Page
The Captain's Bridge
DangerMom's Home Page
Dblfed's Nexus of Star Trek
Delta Quadrant Blues
Julia's Vayager Reviews Page
Khan's Place in the Universe
La-La Land
Mark's Star Trek Page (calendars)
Musings from the Comfy Chair
Neetz' Pages - Central Control
Peter's STAR TREK Page
The Q Continuum in Sound and Vision
Q - ..... Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know.....
The Ren uberjonois Internet Link
Star Trek (MSN - the other "official" site)
Star Trek Fans
Star Trek in Sound and Vision
Transwarp Newsletter
Vidiot's Star Trek: Voyager Web Pages
Welcome To Voyager
Listing of directory Homespawn
Space Telescope Science Institute
New Scientist Space
NASA on Warp Drive
NASA on Space Flight to the Stars
NASA, Quest, Interview with Kate Mulgrew
Satellites & Space Probes
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
Stephen Hawking's Universe
Is Time Travel Possible?
Is the Universe Inhabited?
Guide to the Scholarly Literature of Trek
How Big is the Universe?
Zoom-Out Map of the Local Universe
Simulation of Cosmic Strings
HowStuffWorks - holographic technology - news & information
Teleportation Research at IBM
Plasma Power for Space Travel (
Reading Material

The Official P/T Collective Archive
Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks
--The Best Stories
From Me to Q - TNG; the sequel is even better!Q Music
Over the Edge - P/T
Wart - DS9
-Reviews and Other Fun Stuff
Jim's Voyager Reviews
Julia's Voyager Reviews
Star Trek: Hypertext (Quick Reviews)

Star Wars
Star Wars (official site)
Cranky Critic®: Star Wars® Posters and Wallpapers
Delusions of Grandeur
Queen Amidala Tribute Page
Atom Films - check out the Star Wars fan film contest winners!
Star Wars (fan site)

Fun and Time Wasters
The Bill Gates Net Worth Page - how rich is the guy? How rich?!
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Craftster - my favorites are Frazz, Rose is Rose, and BC
Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts
Drew's Script-O-Rama
Exploratorium - the site of San Francisco's "museum of science, art, and human perception"
Free Jelly Belly Samples
Footnotes to History - Countries you didn't learn about in school
404 Research Lab - error pages, from cute to creepy
The Free Site
GameSpy Arcade - over 400 multiplayer games
The Good Clean Funnies List - what it says, delivered to your e-mail box daily and archived on the site
Googlism - an opinion on anything, using Google searches
HowStuffWorks - from maglev trains to chigger bites
How to keep an idiot busy
Jokes Galore
Mesna Workout - ("not an IQ test")
PopCap Games
Rubic's Cube (slow)
SETI@Home - use your computer to search for ET
ShockRave: Postcards, games, and more, with Shockwave
Spam Haihu Archive
Tokyo Toilet Map
The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive
User Friendly - a great comic strip about computer geeks
Google Zeitgeist - What are people searching for most? also a summary of 2002 searches
Yesterland - what happens when Tomorrowland becomes outdated?
You know you're a Maniac if...
Party Resources - the posh New york grochery store delivers
Birthday - supplies and helpful hints
Birthday in a Box - themes kits delivered to your door - a plethera of recipes
CookExpress - overnight main courses that can be prepared in 30 minutes - e-mail invitations, RSVP, and get directions
Great - ideas and affordable supplies for adult get-togethers
Growlies for Groups - how to cook for large groups (as in, 50 or 100)
GourmetSpot - recipes for popular foods
iCelebrate - fun holiday party supplies - that's "Invite me too," in plain English; fun colorful e-mail invitations
iParty - supplies and planning help - make a web page to announce the party - generate a random party if ideas run short; guests can share photos on your party's page
Postcards, etc.
Virtual Flowers
Mail a Meal
American Greetings
Blue Mountain Cards
PartySmart's Invitation Maker
Snap e-cards
Star Trek Post Cards

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