from near and far...
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Susan's Dress
Jordan's girlfriend, Susan, wearing a dress she and I made for homecoming (369x582)

The housemates at Christmas
Cassie, Clarissa, Jenny, Amber, and I at Christmas (1024x1536)

with friends at the Jr/Sr Banquet, 2002 (512x361)

khssmarts.jpg (41879 bytes)
some smart friends at the high school
science bowl (472x331)

erynne.jpg (7400 bytes)
Erynne Zygiel (220x325)

evaandjo.jpg (7986 bytes)
Eva and I at the ring banquet (245x263)

leigh.jpg (8737 bytes)
Leigh Jordan (220x325)

patrick.jpg (7365 bytes)
Patrick Ruff, Pepsi man (342x247)

cynthia.jpg (8270 bytes)
Cynthia Duncan (254x336)

13thdisciple.jpg (8320 bytes)
the 13th Disciple:
Justin, myself, and Scott Manning

allieandleigh.jpg (12093 bytes)
Allie and Leigh (384x279)

nikki.jpg (24554 bytes)
Surprise!  Nikki Boyd
in whose colors?! (217x501)

estelleandjo.jpg (10976 bytes)
Estelle and I, ready for a night on the town (377x272)

melody.jpg (27433 bytes)
Melody Klemenz (197x228)

joandtom.jpg (34152 bytes)
Tom Gillikin and I, at a banquet (172x243)

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