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An idol shop in China, the photo once again courtesy of Jon Green

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Check out my Hong Kong pictures page '97! Also, I've added a poem by a friend of a friend.

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Hong Kong...the jewel, removed from the crown of Britain and returned to its native land almost three years ago. From capitalistic to communist rule, what a switch! The government of China, of course, has promised not to change the way Hong Kong is run for at least 50 years, but how can any city remain the same when its ownership changes from one side of the world - and political field - to the other?
When I visited the country around the time of the hand-over, many people were uncertain or fearful about the coming change of administration. Thankfully there were no major disturbances when the transaction took place. Many people made an even more important change of allegiance that summer, though. Perhaps prepared by their uncertainty of the future, a record number of citizens accepted the Lord through the ministry of Teen Mania. Praise the Lord that whatever may happen to them on earth, they can know that one day they will be with Him in Heaven!

If you would, say a prayer for the people of Hong Kong.