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Just a growing page of fun things that had to have a place of their own. Some from e-mail, some from other places. Enjoy yourself!
Last updated: 08/25/05

Answering Machine Messages
ever get tired of "hi, you've reached so-and-so, please leave a message"?
Bad Times Virus Warning
be afraid, be very afraid!
Bumper Stickers
funny sayings found on cars
experience the west coast
Cheer up!
you know it's bad when this is the good news
A Cynic's Guide to Life
the way things really are
a series of pictures with cynical captions
Error Messages
what your computer's really saying
Heavenly Pursuits
the Pope gets a shock in Heaven
the history of the world, according to student bloopers
Hymns for the Lukewarm
what do you really mean?
Java Happiness
something for when you have a chunk of spare time
Office Pranks
beware...may threaten job security
Only in America
quite ironic
things you don't want to hear in surgery
Picardo's song
a song by Robert Picardo about working on "Star Trek: Voyager"
a good pun is its own reword
ever wondered...?
Questions II
even more questions
Random Thoughts
just some (funny) random thoughts
The Retiring Teacher
you know it's your last year of teaching when you see these signs
Star Trek Top Ten Lists
best in small doses
The Spell Checker
ode to the wonderful word processor
You know you're a missionary kid when...
anyone who's been or knows an MK will appreciate this
You might be a geek if...
how far we've come since I posted this :)
What did you do all day?
here's one for all you stay-at-home moms (or dads)

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