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Check out my new (to the web) Venezuela scrapbook!
(I'm scanning and uploading pages from my physical scrapbook from 1996.)

The country of Venezuela is a beautiful land, home to the world's highest waterfall and some of its most beautiful people. The country is largely Roman-Catholic, and exports a lot of oil, among other things.

I've had the pleasure of visiting Venezuela three times, with Teen Mania Ministries. It was in the summer, so it was pretty hot, but we always stayed somewhere with a pool. We were based in Maricaibo, and I was able to visit Barquisimeto, Valencia, and Machiques, among other places. (Hey, Machiques is the city mentioned in Bruchko, by Bruce Olson, where Bruce gets his training in the Spanish language. In fact, I read the book there for the first time.)

Angel Falls, Photo Kjell Sandved (Ain't it beautiful?!)

For a been-there, done-that look at Venezuela, I've posted the lyrics to The 12 Days of Venezuela here. Recommended for former Maniacs only!

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