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Financial Independence Network Limited, Inc.

Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Financial Independence Consultant.

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Financial Independence Network Limited, Inc. (FINL) began regular operations in early 1990. We operate from our own state-of-the-art facilities in a beautiful little river town in southwest Wisconsin, called Boscobel.

The FINL philosophy is a simple one: the average American is dying under a load of debt - with no real hope for a better future. So FINL features a three step system that shows them how to get out of debt, operate on cash, and build retirement wealth, all in the shortest possible time - with the income they already earn. Our unique personal financial freedom concepts are offered through a Best-Selling independent study course (manual and cassettes), a monthly newsletter, a PC software program and assorted video and audio programs. FINL also offers two optional income opportunity programs, for those who would like to accelerate their debt-elimination and wealth-building process.

FINL has been recognized as the leader in debt elimination training by some of the top names in personal financial planning, including Loren Dunton, widely accepted as the "Father of Financial Planning." In 1994 FINL was selected to Inc. Magazine's list of "The 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America." But, most importantly, our financial independence systems have been recognized by over 100,000 satisfied customers across the United States and Canada.

The reason is clear: FINL's unique strategies show exactly who is stealing your wealth, and how to turn the process around - so that money is flowing into your life rather than out. Most people who follow our concepts can be completely debt-free, including their home mortgage, in about 5 to 7 years. From that point, all the money they had formerly been wasting on credit debt payments each month, is focused into a simple mutual fund investment program. Many people following our plan can completely retire and live on the interest from their investments in just 5 to 10 years after their debts are paid off.

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WHO IS JOHN CUMMUTA? John is President and CEO of Financial Independence Network Limited, and he is uniquely suited for the responsibilities of this position.

John and his wife Lois have been married for 25 years. They and their children, daughter Stacyann and son Adam, live in southwest Wisconsin. As a typical middle-class American family, they have had limitless opportunities to make both good and bad financial choices. They've seen life from both sides of the fence: making nearly every possible financial mistake and ending up with nothing but bills - and then taking back control of their financial lives - with NO bills. . . and money building in their investments.

John's professional track record, on the other hand, contains mostly successes. These include:

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With all these successes, John had an opportunity to learn one of the most important truths of what he calls PERSONAL FINANCIAL REALITY: "Making lots of money is NOT the same as achieving financial independence." He learned from his personal experiences, and from watching others who had achieved what most people would classify as Success, that it's not really HOW MUCH money you make, but rather WHO ends up with the money you make.

He realized that no one had ever really taught him how to manage (over a lifetime) the money that would come into his life. Having experienced (and having seen others experience) the quick rise in lifestyle that a personal business can produce - followed by the quick crash that it can also deliver - John's vision crystallized for helping others succeed where he had failed earlier in life. He dedicated his business talents to creating a financial system that would help people get on top of their personal financial situations - AND STAY THERE!

To that end he first spent years learning from America's top financial experts, then he created a series of publications and information products designed to teach simple, realistic financial principles to people who want to be financially successful WITHOUT HAVING TO BECOME WALL STREET WIZARDS.

These publications include the Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living™ Basic Course and companion monthly newsletter, along with seminars, software, videos, audio cassettes and other materials -all aimed at the same goals. John's concepts have been so universally applauded that he has been featured on the front pages of the Chicago Tribune, the Houston Chronicle, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, the Seattle Times, and in nearly a dozen other big-city newspapers. He was also featured in an article on getting rid of debt in PARADE magazine, and has been the featured guest on dozens of radio and TV programs across America. You don't get this kind of exposure unless you're doing something special.

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