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Helen McBrinn is a first year student at the University of Ulster at Coleraine, studying Theatre, English and Media. Before coming to the centre of academic excellence to which she now belongs, she spent two years as a Classroom Assistant, working with pre-school children. Despite that, she loves kids (the fool). However her heart lay elsewhere, she longed to go to University (in other words, she longed to sit around all day, and spemd her life in the pub.....only kidding!). She was very choosy in her choice of college....only the one's with Drama Societies stood a chance with her.

FROM: Holywood, Northern Ireland (spelt with 1 "L"- not 2)

DOB: 31st March, 1976. (she is, by far, the oldest member of the company!)

EXPERIENCE: Helen took part in several speech and drama festivals as a child. She then went on to perform with her school choir. While working as a Classroom Assistant, she also worked as part of the backstage crew for several shows. Since arriving at Coleraine, she has joined the Drama Society and Kick-Off theatre company, as well as Compulsion. Last December she took the starring role in our production of "Cinderella". She is now preparing to play "Margaret" in Compulsion's production of "Beneath the Surface".

FUTURE: Apart from finishing her degree, Helen hopes to work on many more productions, both acting and behind the scenes. An extemely organised person, she is, at present, considering taking the role of stage manager of the company.

OTHER THAN THEATRE: Helen's other passions include canoeing, scuba-diving, swimming, volleyball, dancing and sailing (where does she get the energy???) On a more sedate level she also enjoys reading, writing to her friends, playing on her computer and the cinema. Her hero is Shakespeare.