Compulsion Theatre Company : the best drama in the world (probably)
Winona Ryder: more stuff on the world's most desirable short actress

So, what's Winona Ryder doing in a page about a small irish theatre company? That's a good question. To tell the truth there is no explanation we can offer other than the fact that she is a goddess and deserves to be wherever she damn well wants. Personally, I believe that if Winona just happened to hear about us she'd do everything within her power to join. I mean, who wouldn't want to join a company as progressive and daring as compulsion? So, if anyone happens to be talking to the delightfully Ms Ryder in the next couple of weeks, could you pass on our number?


You are quite possibly the th person to read this

You are quite possibly the th person to read this. Now, doesn't that make you feel special?