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the purest 'sine on the indie scene mystik spiral mcgrundy's brew pub april 16 reviewed by mike z. when i arrived at mcgrundy's, already in a foul mood because this jerk in a camaro cut me off and stole my parking space, my name wasn't on the list. and then this arty chick at the bar wouldn't talk to me, acting like she was the queen of something. i only showed up because i heard the bass player used to play with iggy, but they must have been playing monoply - because he sucked! the singer was this skinny guy who was just the type my ex-girlfriend would think is cute - some moody pretty boy with a stupid tribal tattoo. the music was bubblegum drone crap that's about as exciting as a houseplant. the drummer sure can sweat, though. the bartender was stingy with the shots and gave me this dirty look when i lit up my cigar. (i know what you're thinking, but i was smoking them way back before the whole trend started, and i wouldn't be caught dead on some asinine cigar bar.) i kept thinking about my ex and those sicking phonies she's hanging around with...

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mystik spiral "behind my eyelids"/"icebox woman" plush records

this debut release from mystik spiral, a convincingly tormented quartet, is chock-full of impassioned playing and surburban angst. trent lane's dark brand of moody self-absorption should appeal to fans of sisters of mercy, bauhaus, rainy days, black eyeliner, and decadent french romantic poets. rhythm guitarist jesse moreno, formerly of the goth/synth group bats with guns ("baby shakes her death rattle"), contributes a distinctive chunka-chunk texture. "behind my eyelids" is a forlorn ballad that packs a mother lode of image laden fantasy. although lines like "as lashes close, i see my woes, spread out like a carpet of bugs" verge on self-parody, the band's emotional intensity won me over. "icebox woman," on the other hand, which mines the familiar territory of obbsessive love, is innovative only in its use of humming. it sounds like it was recorded in a wind tunnel, which works to its advantage, yet...