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Julia-chan's Dedication to a Most Wonderful Friend...

*smiles* Chibi Selena-chan and I have been friends now for almost four months , and I honestly can't imagine what life would be like without her. She is _truely_ wonderful, and I know, no matter what, she will be my friend forever ^_^ What makes Selena-chan so wonderful is the fact that she is exactly who she is: warm, caring, funny, kind and understanding. I know that she will be there for me, as she always has been, through everything, *giggles* even when I get a little too carried away ^_^ I will always remember when I first met Selena, *smiles* it was my first time at a chat room and I didn't even know how to get a handle, so I would type my name before everything I said. ^_^ Selena was the one to help me out, and after I left that night, I felt so happy, because I knew I had found a friend. I often think how lucky I was to have met Selena, and if it was fate that we did. During the summer Selena became my very best friend, we would e-mail eachother at least 15 times a day, and chat every night. *L* enter Sailor Skunky... during our very first c-pillow fight, we kind of got tired of throwing pillows *giggles* so we threw scrorpians, tralantrula's, and stuffed animals instead ^_^ It soon developed a life of it's own, and soon we developed kawaii stories, and had a whole cast of animals, ^_^ (Super Sailor Skunky, Fred, Scorpy, Bob, Sam, Led, Med, Sed Koalii, and who could forget George) Mainly based on Selena's stuffed animal collection (Skunky!) Around the middle of July I left for a two-week vacation, I missed talking to Selena so much... I will never forget how she e-mailed me at least once everyday that I was gone... It touched me so much... Selena also made my birthday so special, she sent me an e-mail for each candle that would be on my cake, signing then from each of the characters from our "Skunky cronicles ^_^" and at the end she told me too make a wish. *smiles* She even e-mailed everyone I knew, and they all sent me birthday e-mails and came to chat that night. I can't express how suprised, and happy, and wonderful she made me feel! Now school has started, and we aren't able to e-mail as often, or talk as reguarily, but no matter what Selena is still there for me, and still as special to me as ever. I am truely blessed to have such a wonderful friend as Selena... I can't imagine how much I'm going to miss her when she goes away next summer *giggles* I'm already saving for calling cards and postage ^_^ I know that Selena will always be my best of friends... the most special friend I will ever have. ^_^

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