KodaWolf Woodland Graphics
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KodaWolf Woodland Graphics & Backgrounds

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

This is my mirror site for WebTV users

PC users, please go to KodaWolfs's Domain

Here you will find some graphics that I made in Woodlands-style & design
These are my own ORIGINAL designs
I couldn't find any Woodlands styles on the internet
So I decided to start making my own

I hope that you find something you like
Please feel free to email me with comments
If you find anything you like and want to use
All I ask is that you provide a link back to my site
I have several banners for use as a link back.

Send your URL to me & I can provide a link to your site too

On to the graphics!!!!!

Woodlands Set3
Woodlands Set4
Hawk (Set5)
Woodlands Set6~NEW~
FeatherBack Set7~NEW~
More Backs by KodaWolf
KodaWolf's Domain

Midi playing:
"Beth" (Peter Criss formerly of "KISS")

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