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Kuk Sut Kung-fu by Sherwin Celestial

Chinese Martial Arts (one of the original) that exists in Iloilo are been revised by Sherwin Celestial as myself and Carmelo Summergido (my most best fighter and instructor that I've ever met)for six years and until now...

Well, Carmelo Summergido teaches me all the techniques of the Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate and I also teach him all that I learned in Kung-fu since were in High School up to the present... and during the day that we exchange our martial knowledge, we meet at lot of the martial artist that later, and for that reason, that I believe that I am now an invincible fighter as I might be able to apply in combat.

But sadly speaking that a lot of fake martial arts school here in Iloilo, Philippines, particularly in the art of Chinese Martial Arts (Kung-fu instead) that instead of a quality, yet it is a quantity type... (particularly, the Wing Chun Systems)

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By Sherwin Celestial 1st generation 2nd senior TRIAD Kok Sut Kung-fu

It is a scientific form of martial art like the Wing Chun System that is so popular Chinese Martial Art Style today in a scientific manner.

It is also a Taoist form of martial art from North China (Northern Style) to Hong Kong then migrated here in the Philippines. O.K., Chi Dian Bun deals you in a short distance manner (just like Wing Chun), and this Chi Dian Bun has a 188 alphabets of strokes (hand strokes) while the wing chun system has only 120. An alphabet that converted to words, then words to sentence and sentence in a back to back conversation as a usage in fighting.

But I learn only 13 + 1 alphabets or strokes in offensive hand strikings and 20 in defensive hand strokes... but the defensive (usually done in single hand interchange with each other)one can be converted to an offensive, and that offensive strokes is also converted to defensive strokes.

But if you will be able to compare this Chi Dian Bun to Wing, is that the wing chun has it's iron palm and an iron bridge hand and it's cotton belly, while this chi dian bun has no at all but a phoenix eye fist is applied if the enemy is a far more superior. We are also have an iron fore arm because our instructor teach the the combination of this chi dian bun (taoist form of martial arts or kung-fu) go-cho(a combination of the fist of the five ancestors better known as ngo cho kun, the speciallty of this is it's iron palm also and the absorption of the impact of strike that the body can resist, as well as iron fist),The five Tai-chi Chuan (Tai Chiae Kun).

KUNG-FU STYLES THAT EXIST IN THE TRIAD KOK SUT KUNG-FU: CHI DIAN BUN (first art to learn) ANG-KA KUN (second art to learn) 5 STYLES OF TAI CHI CHUAN (HIK, KIAW, TAN, CHUA, YOUNG OR YANG) (also a second art to learn) 7 STAR PRAYING MANTIS or CHIT CHIE TONG LONG KUN (specialty art) TAI CHI JIAN or TAI CHIAE KIAM better known as tai chi sword (specialty art) saber pole SAM CHIEN (non-fighting art from GO-CHO) QI GONG, CHI KUNG, KI KUNG (non-fighting art from TAI CHI CHUAN 5 Family) PUSHING HANDS (non-fighting art from TAI CHI) GO-CHO KUN (fist of the five ancestors, best in the application of iron palm and our instructor will not teach to us) HAP KUN TO (combined art) BENG HO HA SHAN (CHI DIAN BUN'S 1st set pattern) DYOK HAP KUN (CHI DIAN BUN'S 2nd set pattern) DI SIP KUN (CHI DIAN BUN'S also 1st set pattern evolved in HIK TAI CHI) 10 ELBOW STRIKE (CHI DIAN BUN'S another set pattern that evolved in HIK TAI CHI and it is atually 10 strokes) SOUTH EAGLE (sorry but our instructor will not teach it) ANG-KA'S IRON SKIN (non fighting art) THREE SECTION STAFF (sorry but our instructor will not teach to us) SAN TE BAW (Twin short knife) SANG BE TO (Twin hook sword)

UNTO OUR UNIFORM: Green Parachute pants White rubber shoes White camisa tsino shirt Gold sash and two small gold sash to feet

Approximately 15 1st generation students who probably know and used this art Chi Dian Bun (Natural Art), and that 15 students, teaches that art also to their respective trusted partner.

Well, we learned this type of Chinese Martial art from our instructor Fred Te, a second generation from the Philippine Eini (Chi Dian Bun, Hik Tai Chi Chuan School) and in Armstrong (Go - cho or the fist of the Five Ancestors).

But each of the 15 of us has it's own special style that is, only I who know it, and also to the other that he the only one who know his own special style. As to my special style ascide to Chi Dian Bun which is our national style, is the Hik Tai chi sword (Jian). We have also another two sub-national styles, and that's the Ang-ka Kun and the five family of the Tai Chi Chuan ( Hik, Chua, Yang or Young, Kiaw and Tan family )

And now! I have to honor to present my art in the whole web as part of the students information in the art of Kok Sut Kun Kung Fu (Wu Shu).

I am sure that if you have some comments, questions, suggestions,,, please feel free to ask at my E-mail Address in the

For me, it is now the time to share our fighting arts in the web as I asure you that you have plenty to know more information in the art of Chi Dian Bun as I am now engaged this style for almost two and a half year of practice.

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