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Welcome to Rajeev's Home

Welcome to Rajeev's Home

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 My Scientific Interests

* Atmospheric Aerosols

Remote sensing of aerosols using satellites:

Developed the algorithm for retrieval of aerosol optical depth (AOD)from the top-of-atmosphere irradiance in the visible and near IR wavelengths observed over the oceans by satellites. The algorithm takes accounts for multiple scattering by aerosols and molecules and the wind dependent surface albedo. Employing this algorithm, AOT has been retrieved using NOAA14-AVHRR data to study the aerosol transport over Indian Ocean during the NE monsoon season, as part of Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX).

Other satellite based studies using : IRS-P3-MOSB, CERES


Aerosol studies using Lidars:

Developed an iterative method for the inversion of multiwavelength lidar backscattered signals to obtain altitude resolved aerosol size distribution (ASD) and altutude profiles of aerosol backscattering coefficient. The method has two versions : one forthe inversion of a 2-frequency lidar (shape-constraint ASD) and the other for a multiwavelength lidar (shape-constraint-free ASD).


Aerosol stratification in the nocturnal boundary layer:

(Using Continuous Wave Lidar)

Studied the aerosol stratification in the nighttime boundary layer at the coastal station- Trivandrum (8.5N, 77.5E), India using a continuous wave lidar. This study revealed aerosol depletion in the turbulent layers in of atmospheric boundary layer.


Aerosol Radiative Forcing

Radiative forcing due to aerosols is being studied using the AOT retrieved using AVHRR data and the shortwave flux measured by CERES (on board TRMM) over Indian Ocean.


* Dynamics of the Low Latitude Middle Atmosphere

(Observations made using Meteor Wind Radar at Trivandrum, India)

(This is my Ph.D thesis!)

Atmospheric Tides in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere region:

In diurnal tide (1,1) mode, which is predicted to be the only prominent diurnal mode at the low latitude middle atmosphere by tidal theory, is not actually the dominent mode. (1,-2) amplitude is usually larger than (1,1) mode at the equatorial mesopause region. Semi-diurnal and ter-diurnal amplitudes are as large as the diurnal amplitude. The ter-diurnal tide is not directly generated by the solar forcing, but is resulting from the non-linear interaction between diurnal and semi-diurnal tides.

Temperature variations at the mesopause region:

Developed a new methodology for determining temporal variations in temperature using the meteor-trail decay rate. Tidal temperature fields obatined using this new method is in perfect agreement with the tidal fields in wind reported above.

Annual and Semi-Annual Oscillations (AO and SAO) at the equatorial mesopause:

Above method was used to study the annual and semi-annual variations in temperature. The SAO amplitude is higher than the AO amplitudes. This was predicted by theory as well - a process generated by the gravity waves and high phase speed Kelvin waves.


Publications in refereed international journals: 13

Presentations in National and International Symposiums: 16


Some of the wonderful and gifted people I could work with:

(This is not a complete list)

Professor V.Ramanathan

Dr.B.V.Krishna Murthy

Dr.C.Raghava Reddi


Dr.(Mrs.)Geetha Ramkumar

Visit Indian Space Research Organization (My parent department)
Visit C4/SIO/UCSD where I did my Post-Doc.
C4 - Our Lab : Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego

About me

Education: B.Sc (Physics) : S.N.College, Varkala, Trivandrum University of Kerala, India M.Sc (Physics) : University Center, Karyavattom, Trivandrum University of Kerala, India Ph.D (Atmos. Phys) : Space Physics Lab., VSSC, Trivandrum University of Kerala, India Post-Doctoral Res. : Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of California, San Diego, USA Personal Life:

Thank GOD for blessing me with JAYA,my simple(but elegant) loving wife and our wonderful,naughty little daughter! They fill my life with joy and happiness.

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