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"Penetrating the darkness of night, I am the first of three sacred shooting stars. Sailor Star Figher, Stage On!"

Last Update: 5 October 2004

The Nexxus: Tertiary Perfect....This is the new shit/Here comes trouble.

1) Ok. After a 3-year hiatus, I am back. Somewhat. My e-mail address,, is functioning again, so I'm reachable at the very least. But I'm confused and pissed. Apparently, The Nexxus was archived at without my knowledge. This was brought to my attention last night by Domino. I hope to get it unarchived in the near future, but can someone please tell what's going on?

I said I'm back, but not in a functional capacity, not for awhile leastaways. I was looking over trademark fics like "The Reclamation," and thought to myself how shitty it was. I started writing yaoi when I was 16. Apparently, I had a cult following, which of course, ended thanks to the efforts of Samantha Rayne and others.

And I am disgusted with the modern yaoi community. Everything they're doing is completely ass-backwards. Nothing but repetition. The novelty is gone. Yaoi loses its novelty the more you play with it, and one of the reasons I stopped writing was because it burnt me out and more or less wrecked my other style. You know, the one I was going to use professionally one day. It took me forever to rebuild it.

Death to repetition, shallow characterizations, Hallmark-card-romances, and homosexual love scenes written by people who have never, ever had their own asses fucked. I hate you. Death to the modern yaoi kitsch values. Death to thoughtless modern yaoi writing. A pox upon writers of bad yaoi. Frauds, charlatans, hand-wavers, and snake-oil merchants. I'm here to reset the yaoi standard. And Sailor Moon can go fuck herself.

At this point, I'm not accepting submissions, nor do I plan to write anything new. I'd much rather delete this site and cauterize the memory-hose. It's 11.40pm, I have 80 more pages of professor's research to write a gloss for, not to mention the short stories I'm expected to produce for tomorrow's seminar. I have better things to do.

Watch this site carefully from now on. Things will happen to it in the wintertime, probably.
Seiya Kou
5 October 2004

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