Late at night...inside a secret chat room, the members of the K-Squad gather together to create stories of Star Trek adventure. Watched over by the forces of fanfic, challenged by the demands of voice and tone, plot and character, and having nothing much better to be doing with their time, the K-Squad members weave intricate tales of the Human spirit and the poetry of the cosmos (when they're not complaining about Chakotay's lack of backbone or how long it's been since we've seen Q).

Since the K-Squad was formed, they have guarded their stories, but now, with the help of their over-worked and sometimes cranky Webmaster Lagniappe, select K-Squad tales are now available to the public.

An Offering of Ice
A Voyager story. Adventure. Rated PG.
When hostile aliens once again challenge Voyager, Janeway and her command crew must work their way out of a complex and misleading trap.

A DS9/TNG crossover story. A bit more than a PWP. Rated NC-17. No Children!
Julian Bashir and Jean-Luc Picard want to help each other recover from recent losses.

More stories coming soon!

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