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Hello there!Welcome to the Federation Home Mobile Infantry Network!
The time to attack and dominate the bugs is at hand!You and I are
the last strong attack force,for the others are also strong but
they have taken heavy casualties during the attack on Planet P!
See Briefing for details!

Would you like to know more?

IMPORTANT NEWS!:President Keith has met with a terrible bug attack.
His ship was exploring the path to the planet Klendathu to check if
the attack line will be okay.Suddenly,on his way back,a bug meteor
careened with his ship.....all hands were lost.Tis a sad day for the

REGULAR NEWS!:We got 3 high-rank Troopers and a pilot,now our first mission
will begin.But we are still accepting members.Once you send in your
application,you will immediately join in the mission.


I'm Captain Smith.Right now I'll brief you on what's happening.
You,as the Roughnecks,will be under my command and under my strategy
control.I will also fight with you.Don't forget that.Anyways......
As the top platoon,we will fight the Bugs from the Planet Dantana
all the way to Klendathu...from the rear.The rest of the fleet
will attack from the front,but we will have to give the fleet some
cover by taking the remaining Bug Planets.Let me remind you that
we can glass planets,but our ship has a limited supply of nukes
and can only strike half of it.Our first target,Dantana,is
still under Bug Hatching in the Queen's Chambers but more than
50 Bugs have already grown adult and will defend the hive.
The Bugs will see our ships,but we'll be dropping BEHIND them and
into the nest.Our pilot(Which is not assigned yet) will have
to do this carefully.Once we are in the hive,let loose the nukes then
mop up with guns.They will overwhelm us,but our goal is to take
out the queen and the eggs.Once that is done,we can blast off that
planet and have our ships glass it.That's all.Okay,all troops and
pilots to your stations!

Captain Smith
Lt.Jake Carter
1st Cpr.Call
2nd Cpr.Donstone

Pilot:Roger "Rog'O" McTaines


Copy the form below,paste it then send it to me at

Trooper Name:

Sex(Male or Female):



Are you a(Trooper or Pilot):



Info:We need at least 2 Pilots.Then the rest are troopers.Also,if your
the first one to join,you will be appointed to Lietuenaunt.Now,if
you read the briefing,I WILL be fighting along side you.Don't
forget that.

Rules(That's right):   

1.No foul launguage.I know it's a bummer,but I don't want my e-mail
box flooding with curses.

2.If you want to,you can die.Just tell me before you do an action.
I might not accept your proposal,though.It depends on the 
role your playing.

3.Read this BEFORE joining!DO NOT take names from the movie!I know you
want to,but don't forget....this isn't THE actual Starship Troopers
movie RPG(Well,it mostly is.)!We are to only have fun,not
act out the movie!If we do that,we can screw up Starship Troopers 2!
: )

4.If your gonna quit,tell me.

5.I'm sure you know the rest.Don't do this,don't do that,blah blah.
Except,have FUN and RELAX!

Help:Shouldn't be too hard.Copy the form above,go to your mailbox,
click To:Mail,type kdorvee@erols in the Mail To box,type Join
in the Subject box and paste the form(or type) and send it!
This e-mail rpg is like a...ring.You type your Trooper Name first,
(If you said anything)what you said and what you did.It should
look like this:


Here is an Example:

Name:Captain Smith
Message:Heads up!
Action:Captain Smith fires at the Hopper Bug and kills it.

Get it?If you don't,e-mail me!

The Unofficial Starship Troopers Ring
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