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North America's relative peace was shattered on September 11, 2001.

The illusion of safety is gone. Even here in Toronto, Ontario, businesses were closed, buildings evacuated, as terrified parents rushed home to pull their children out of schools, to unite their families in this terrible time. The effects of this tragedy are far reaching indeed, as many people around the world mourn the loss of so many innocent lives, fear for those they can't reach and can't find, and wonder what on earth they can do to help.

Our hearts go out to those suffering right now, in the hopes that they will be supported by our love and hope. Pray for them, the missing, the injured, the lost, and the thousands of volunteers and emergency services personnel doing everything they can to help. If you wish to help, please, PLEASE contact the Red Cross in your area.

God Bless and keep every soul touched by this horrible disaster.

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Hey Everyone! Yep, I'm back! My new job is keeping me very busy, but the new stuff should keep you busy for a while. No new Xena stuff, sorry, but I've been converted to the Dark Side. Namely T/7 Voyager erotica, so it should keep things interesting! Thanks for sticking around!

Katelin B.

*** it has been brought to my attention that people under the age of 18 have been reading my adult fiction. So here is Ye Olde Disclaimer: The author assumes no responsiblity if youngsters should read the clearly marked Adult stories. Parents, keep a better eye on you children... I don't need legal trouble. Those of you over that groundbreaking age, keep reading... I love the feedback. ~:o) Peace and love all!! -K.

What can be found on this page...

Xena stories
my own f/f erotica, based on Xena... Most of these stories are NC-17 and for Adults Only...UPDATED!! 11/04/2000!
Non-Xena stories
A few stories I've written that amazingly enough, don't have Xena anywhere in them. ~:o) UPDATED!! 08/05/2001!
Other fiction
The dark little corner I've alotted for my friends.~:o)
Links Page
A very short list of my favorite sites around the net. More to come soon, but the most important ones are up there now *smile*

Let me know what you think!

Katelin B.

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