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Free graphics terragen landscapes psp tubes

These are the result of just playing. I made this page for terrains which are kind of weird, but have some interesting effects, even if I don't necessarily like the whole image.

canyon mountains4 weird1 weird2 weird3 rter4 crater1 steppingstones scarypool twincanals weirdcrater round round2 weirdterraces weirdterraces2 northeast volcanicworld malachite1

The image below is made from a DEM of the island where I live. I was playing around with an arial view.


The images below are from raw files provided by Michael Loh. Thanks Mike, I'm having fun with them!

pyramid weird4 secretcave weird5

I made the following images using Tim O'Donoghue's Terragen World Files for his Wierd Blue Glow and Layered mist techniques. Thanks Tim!

blueglow1 myrbg1