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Favorite Lines

Here are some of Sunset Beach's greatest and funniest lines. If you have have a favorite line which isn't here,you can email me, but remember to mark the email "S.B.Classic Lines". I will post it at this page when I receive it. Have fun and enjoy these lines again and again!

Meg wakes up alone in her pastel blue pyjamas and looks around the room and shortly thereafter Ben comes in fully dressed in some really hot jeans He gets a drink of water but spills some of it on his jeans- Meg to BEN:"Take your pants off, Ben, it's not like I've never seen you without your pants off before." BEN TO MEG: (as he slowly UNSNAPS his Levis501s to reveal BOXERS) "OK, you asked for it." He then snuggles behind her in bed behind her as she says" she is grinning because she is in the arms of the man she loves." Ben then rolls over onto her so tenderly and carefully for a few moments; then MEG becomes the aggresser as she rolls over onto BEN for a LOOOOOONG ,lingering embrace and kiss.

In the vine cellar where Ben fins out Meg is Dorothy from Kansas:
Ben: "I don't belive it.You're Dorothy!"
Meg: "Right now would be a great time to click my heels and go back to Kansas!"

Meg to Ben when coming back to Sunset Beach:
"You left something behind in!"

Annie to Ben:"Could you give Meg and me a few moments alone?"
Ben:"Yeah,I could use a shower. But when I come back,there better not be any blood on the carpet!"

Meg:"This is great! Things can't get as much worse than this! {thunder and a downpour} Great! I had to open my big mouth, didn't I?!!"

Ben (To Meg):
"This is where I want to be for the rest of my life. With you."

Bette on the witness stand at Elaine's trial:
"I don't recommend we condone murderes,but there are a couple of ex-husbands I wouldn't mind seeing in body bags."

Tim and Annie:
Tim:"Are you getting cold feet?"
Annie:"My feet are as hot as the rest of me!"

Rae panics when Wei Lee wants to throw a wedding bash for her and Casey:
Casey:"Look at the bright side!"
Rae:"There is no bright side!"
Casey:"We'll get gifts!"

Annie to Meg,about Ben:
Annie:"If you tell Ben you're his cyber-lover,he's gonna shut down so fast, we're going to need to pump oxygen into him."